dinner, anyone???

Some celebrations are worth avoiding.  For example, today is National TV Dinner day. 

Let’s put aside the obvious question of “why???” and try to think of the benefits of celebrating a culinary disaster on a scale equal to The Hindenburg.  I do remember looking forward to the fried chicken on a tin tray as a young kid.  Although my excitement was geared more toward my parents getting the hell out of the house than eating brick-like mashed potatoes and gelatinous apples.  It was always an excuse to break out the TV trays – again the prospect of not being (literally) trapped at the dinner table was always a freeing experience.

But hey – if it’s your thing…bon appittie



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6 responses to “dinner, anyone???

  1. is it a holiday or more like a remembrance of a horror?

  2. This is so going to sound like I am a million years old… But when I was little we didn’t have those available to buy. We used to get all of our food brought in from a barge, and you ordered things in bulk and that weren’t already pricey (like oats, pasta, canned items, or frozen veggies etc). So, I remember when we started to receive freight by large trucks to the grocery store (yes there was only one) and they installed a refrigerated aisle specifically for frozen dinners. You would have thought that we had won the freaking lottery the way people went nuts for those dinners. And they were EXPENCIVE… like feed a family of three expencive. It was crazy!!! And if you thought that wasn’t nuts, another ten years and we got our first mcdonalds… the insanity people!

    Instant food… maybe we shoulda re-thought the idea.

  3. That’s one of the ZZ top songs I always liked but didn’t LOVE–yet I remember it.

    I wish I could eat processed food…It’s when it’s not your choice, you miss these things. Probably, it tastes like the crap it is but I just can’t risk eating it, so there you go. I’m always telling people, ‘Go eat a Krispy Kreme for me — not a crap one, a good, hot, fresh one!’

    • Dirt is probably better than most TV dinners, but if you want a similar experience, down an entire container of salt (crystal or kosher – i’ll leave it up to you).

  4. I remember the chocolate pudding being the best part of the TV dinner, which is odd because the pudding would be hot.
    If I attempted to eat a TV dinner today, I would probably end up being hospitalized.

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