where i was

the mrs. and i needed to get away. we didn’t do anything during the summer so a little away time was overdue.

My grandparents used to have a house in Jamesport, Long Island (I’m going to marry these two thoughts in a minute so just hang in there). I have tons of good memories of their house which was on a sandy lane filled with big fat maple trees that led to Peconic Bay.  It had been twenty years or so since i had been out there so some force greater than myself put the notion in my head to return.  Long story short, I found a house sitting on the bay  that was owned by a delightful young couple willing to rent out their second home.  It was also just three lanes over from my grandparents old place.  We had a few days of crystal weather in which to read…eat…drink…read…eat…drink…(sleep)…read…eat…you get the idea.

Where we spent a lot of our time on the “upper” deck…there was one below closer to the beach

the kewl part is that even though the north fork of the island has been yuppified over the years from horse and potato farms into vineyards by the dozens – which always attracts the yupsters – and many of the old small cottages have been gentrified into modern behemoths, my grandparents place still stands, minus a couple of trees and with new (blah) siding.

Circa 1962….

50 years later (and my biggest surprise is that the leaning garage is still standing….)



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9 responses to “where i was

  1. Wonderful — I grew up on Long Island Sound. Now you really must read The Gold Coast. You must!

  2. That looks like a perfectly wonderful place to escape to … and being able to be so close to your Grandparents’ home must have brought back many memories. Were many of the landmarks you remembered still there?

  3. so glad you got time away in such a peaceful and gorgeous spot. what a wonderful surprise to find that your grandparents’ place remains mostly the same. smiling.

  4. Very cool!
    I’d want some shade trees if I were them, though…Your grandparents had it right.

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