how i spent (part of) my saturday

We have an awesomely righteous used book store that’s a quick bike ride away called The Cranbury BookWorm.  It’s a late 19th century Victorian packed to the rafters.  Once a year I go…well, twice.  Sometimes three.  Be fair, four,  Tell a lie, five. I go there just the seven times a year.

Anyway, today was one of those days.   Nothing like the safety of endless books.  I’ll endure the dusty sneezing any day, thank you very much.

It makes me a happy camper.  I could go and just sit, without opening a single manuscript.

Now I understand that there is a certain amount of popular fiction tripe nonsense crap work that is bound to show up.  It doesn’t mean I have to pay any attention to it.  Fortunately it was tucked in a far corner on the second floor.  I think it should have its own room…say under the floorboards.  But to each his or her own guilty pleasures.  I guess.

And, of course, there is always the educational aspect.  It’s not all mysteries, romance and classics ya know…



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8 responses to “how i spent (part of) my saturday

  1. oh…em…gee….i’d probably be there every week…or until my credit card maxed out. you are totally cracking me up with your pics though. fun rare sighting of coopernicus. and i have to agree with the correct placement for anything by stephanie meyer. either under the floorboards or righting a wobbly table or something akin.

    oh happy day….envious but glad you got to enjoy the place.

  2. my credit card got a workout. the checkout guy gave me a box to cart the goods home.

  3. Ooooo,
    bookstore…. mmmmmm

  4. I go the library now with my kids just to inhale the smell of books and remember the good ol’ days. You’re lucky you have a bookstore. We have zero in our area. Are you sure that right after that photo was taken, you didn’t read Twilight in a dark corner somewhere? (yah, I would’ve chucked it aside, too…)

  5. What an awesome way to spend a Saturday. I’m jealous that you have a gem like that so close to home.

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