it’s a pink shirt. period.

My working wardrobe consists mostly of button down shirts. I know – it’s a conservative thing but that’s the way i roll to work. And we’re talking basic color schemes here. White, blue, blue stripe, green stripe…….
…..and pink.
Now I have always had a pink shirt in the work ensemble. One, because I like it. Two, it’s a good color for me (unlike orange which washes me right out…another reason to stay un-incarcerated – those jumpsuits would make me paler than ivory snow at the north pole).

So I was somewhat miffed during the most recent pink shirt wearing day when an, albeit well-meaning, woman at work walked up to me and said, “Ah. Supporting breast cancer.”

No. I’m not. I’m wearing a pink shirt. period. This is not to say I don’t support the breast cancer awareness effort. On the contrary – I think it’s a good and righteous thing. But does it now mean that ANYTHING pink is supporting breast cancer awareness? What if I have pink grapefruit for breakfast? Was Elvis’s Cadillac an early symbol? What about pinking shears? Little Pink Houses? Pink pedal pushers? And what about Pink Floyd??? Huh?????

What if black became the color for supporting testicular cancer awareness? Women all over the globe would have closets full of testicular cancer awareness clothing. How would that look? Walking up to some woman wearing a fashionable black number and saying..”Ahh, Testicular cancer! Good for you.”

Will someone let me know what the boundaries are here, please? I certainly can no longer look to the NFL for help…



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8 responses to “it’s a pink shirt. period.

  1. I remember visiting my wife at her college during a ‘wear jeans if you support gay pride’ day. But college students already wear jeans every day.

    • yeah…not much of a jump there…why can’t they have wear bikinis if you support gay pride day…i’m sure the guys wouldn’t mind no matter what side of the fence they’re on…

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more! I don’t even really like pink all that much but if I wear it it’s because that particular TOP is one I like not that I’m supporting a cause. Now the NFL players have pink accessories? Really? It’s like Barbie took over .. geez!


  3. I totally agree. You should be allowed to choose your clothes in the morning without an agenda. Unless of course your agenda is anti-nudity. Then you’re good.

  4. LOL that is hilarious. Never really thought of it, because I love colour and have about half the rainbow in my closet. Except purple. I can’t stand purple. So which cause do I refuse to support?

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