gas lines – the new look

Here we have a gas line.  Yes, those are people.  People armed with gas cans.  People who still have no power in their homes and are living via gas-powered generators.  Or people who have run out of gas and abandoned their cars in order to buy a gas can from the hardware store and walk to the gas station to get back to their cars before it gets towed, stripped or worse. I was one of these folks today as I did not plan well and drove into work thinking I’d have enough to get me home.  Was not to be.  Fortunately the mrs. had a good friend who donated a full 5 gallon can to the cause (that, in my book, is the type of person I want to be).

I find it fascinating that in a two-mile stretch there are four gas stations and three fast food joints and a diner – all with power.  Wendy’s, McDonald’s, KFC and the local diner all seem able to get food trucked in but the gas companies, the most profitable and richest companies on the planet, can’t scrape it together to supply gas.  Go figure.



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9 responses to “gas lines – the new look

  1. holy hell .. what’s the estimate on power restoration? or is there?
    😦 MJ

  2. the lines around here are crazy too and most of the folks in line have NJ plates because it’s so scarce by you guys. we were told not to expect our power back before monday but thank god it was restored today.

  3. I’m sorry…it’s a right mess. At least you live someplace where you can walk! When we go out (not a big deal unless it’s days since we have no drinking water w/o power), it’s a 26mi trip one-way to get ‘anywhere’ and ‘anywhere’ means a grocery store–which may or may not be out! Usually, as you mentioned, they’ve planned for this or have something very soon after. The worst was when our bridge was ruined in a storm, so we were unable to LEAVE for 8 days. It worked out okay but by the time I was able to leave, I’d gone completely feral. I drove 30mi to the nearest hotel and got a room for the next few days so I could shower and enjoy AC ;p By then, it was back on at home but those 8 days stuck on the ranch with nothing? Hardcore camping. Yeck.

    • Yeah that would not be fun at all…camping one night is one night too many. used to live in central PA and experienced the same sort of thing…nothing within a reasonable walking distance at all.

  4. Hope you’re back in business soon. Good question about the oil companies having no power at their stations. Not to mention the fact that they should be paying for a whole lot of the cleanup costs …

    • I would hope they have some sort of social conscience and would contribute to disaster relief efforts, as good corporate citizens – many corporations are (I know mine is)…but I’d rather they focus their attention on serving their customers – even though they don’t have to because their customers have enslaved themselves to a petroleum based economy and the oil companies can do pretty much as they damn well please. it’s not up to the government to change that – it’s up to us.

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