digging thru the photo drawer again

the Mrs. has been on a quest to go through the giant bucket under the bed – 2 by 4 feet of Tupperware – that’s filled with family photos.  my, how they pile up over the years.  Concurrently I’m going through old photo albums…i mean really old photo albums.  I’ve bored you to tears with the old slides of my grandfather’s?  well these are his photo albums.  Between the Mrs. and I, the scanner is getting a thorough workout.

Here’s a shot of me when I had hair…and didn’t look like some applied sacks of pudding to my face and neck.  This was a publicity still from the late 80’s when I was writing and recording movie reviews for a couple of radio stations and a newspaper.  Hmmm.  I still have some tear sheets and audio tracks of the reviews –  I’ll have to try to post them here someday….and no that isn’t a full thing of popcorn.  It had a lid on it and I just piled a handful on top. The show was called All That Glitters.  I reviewed two movies every week…and got paid for it.  Paid to go to the movies!  It was awesome.  After five years, though, I got tired of it.  I tried to syndicate it out but didn’t have much luck.

November 1st was my Dad’s 84th birthday…had he lived to see it.  Here’s a shot from his 9th birthday in 1937.  That’s his dog named Geri.  He had a dog with his second wife named Geri as well.  Guess that was a whole Citizen Kane – Rosebud thing…nice knickers there, Pops…



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6 responses to “digging thru the photo drawer again

  1. I love photos and seeing the past. Not to get stuck there but remembering where we have been. I often dread the chore of going back through photos but love it when I do.

  2. going through photos can be wonderful and overwhelming, all in one. It’s less effort (mentally) to clean the garage!

    Love the popcorn photo – and the hand under the chin pose 😉

    And your Dad as a boy with his dog? Whimsical, isn’t it?

  3. A man who can wear short pants…

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