It angers me how our government – all parties included – so blithely send our troops to foreign lands to protect corporate business interests and conveniently ignore them when they return…like so much wrung-out articles on commerce. Our veterans have observed unimaginable horrors, leaving deep emotional scars and psychological trauma.  And after we’ve trained them to be killing machines and expose them to their friends and comrades being, literally, torn to pieces in front of their eyes, seeing their friends turned into a mass of blood and chewed up organs, listening to them scream for death to take them – we expect them to come back to the land of false advertising and proselytized bullshit and live normal lives.  Only the soulless believe war is something to be glorified..and marched into under the blind flag waving of patriotic manure.

I long for the day when our Military is used for the purpose in which it was intended and represents the branch of the government they fall under…  The Department of DEFENSE – defending the people and lands of the United States. Period.

The men and women who serve deserve better than what the government dishes out – they should be revered and honored for the rest of their lives – and not just twice a year when the memorial and veteran’s day tributes are trotted out.  I would support any legislation that requires:

1) only the people who will actually fight the war deciding whether to go to war or not.


2) The members of the house and senate who vote to involve the US in conflict on foreign soil will send their children, grandchildren, themselves as the first line of attack.



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8 responses to “veterans

  1. i could not agree more. i have a blog pal whose husband lost one leg and had the other severely damaged in an IED blast. they recently reviewed his disability request. he was not even given 100% disability for the leg that was missing and only 10% for the damaged one…calling his injury “shin splints.” it’s horrifying and shameful in the extreme. that man should be discharged honorably, given full disability, have every medical expense covered at 100% without argument including whatever treatment is needed for PTSD and the highest grade prosthetics available.

  2. Cooper, I strongly agree, especially with the demand that only folks who have been to war can send others, and/or sons and daughters of our leaders should be first in line. The chicken hawks piss me off beyond belief — when Cheney said “he had other priorities” I wanted to rip him a new one. Still do. And the Swift Boating of John Kerry by the chicken hawks still sends my blood pressure up.

  3. No way I could have said this better, Cooper.

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