twelve days of christmas – day one

it’s become a holiday tradition here at SIFC to offer some creative holiday shopping ideas at this festive time of year.  The vintage ads seem to be getting scarce as this is the third installment of this exercise in silliness, but I think I can squeeze another dozen days worth of suggestions, providing the unusual for those hard-to-buy-for on your shopping lists.  Now in the past we’ve had the usual assortment of firearms, kitchen appliances, sun lamps, padded jockey shorts and booze.  I’m sure we’ll have more of the same this go ’round…

Anyone who gets this stoked about a toaster has been up all night wrapping or overdid the meds Xmas morning…




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3 responses to “twelve days of christmas – day one

  1. i think that look says she has decided to end it all by sticking a fork in the toaster while standing in a full bathtub.

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