happy birthday

January 18, 1904

Mr. Class

and Fifty-Four and A Half too!



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11 responses to “happy birthday

  1. Oh you just hit a nerve (right spot too! lol).

    Sexiest kissing scenes in Grant’s Movie.

    Ingrid Bergman – Notorious

    Eva Marie Saint – North by Northwest

    Audrey Hepburn – Charade

    The one at the 8 minute mark.

    One sexy man. My Mom took my to the show a lot when I was little and saw Charade. Not until I grew up did I really appreciate this scene. LOL

    It’s my favorite of the film. We don’t have Stars like this anymore nor the movies. Great post Coop. Brings back fond memories. Long live Turner Classic Movies!

  2. For a second there I thought the man was still alive.
    I’ve seen plenty movies with him years ago, but realize now that I don’t remember anything of them. Maybe time to freshen up the memory…

  3. Oh he was something, wasn’t he? And thanks for the shout out!

    I also noticed your bumper sticker — “I’m not old. I’m Chronologically Gifted.” Perfect. I plan to steal it!

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