it’s lucy’s fault


So, Peter Robbins, who at the age of 9 was the voice of Charlie Brown in all those TV specials including Christmas, is going to jail on 21 felony counts including stalking and making terroristic threats.

It’s Lucy’s fault.

Can you imagine the psychological trauma Charlie Brown suffered when Lucy repeatedly yanked the football away just before he kicked it?  And we don’t need to discuss the physical injury.  At a minimum there have to be two or three dislodged vertebrae, if not traumatic spinal damage.  I guess between the pain meds for his back issues, the years of frustration and teasing, not to mention the taunts of “Blockhead” and Lucy’s inability to catch a fly ball and unwillingness to give up her Joe Shlabotnick baseball card, the round-headed kid finally snapped.

I wonder who will feed Snoopy while he’s away?  (This is a very sardonic comment as Robbins reportedly has a dog named Snoopy)



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5 responses to “it’s lucy’s fault

  1. My dad always made Charlie Brown references – I never got them. 😦

  2. Always felt badly for Charlie Brown!

  3. Charlie Brown made must own up to his own mistakes. I mean, who would choose Lucy as their psychiatrist?

    But this is a sad story.

  4. i dunno. snoopy always seemed like he was running the show anyway. i think he’ll be fine. what a crazy story though.

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