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Yes I know the Grammys are on tonight but I gave up on that event ages ago when I finally realized it awarded commercial success not artistic merit.  So in lieu of watching a whole bunch of people I don’t know because  I don’t watch music videos or listen to commercial FM radio, I decided to run the long-standing blog tradition of letting my iPod pick the first 25 songs at random and see what appeared.

I cheated a bit as I decided to use my iTunes library on my computer as my base – and I’m talking the main library that has everything in it – rock, classical, comedy, christmas, jazz, blues and lord knows what else, so this list may include just about anything.

Here we go:

Spirit of the Radio – Rush (OK, iTunes doesn’t start automatically when you click the shuffle button…so I had to start somewhere)
Walls – Yes
Ride Captain Ride – Blues Image
Precious Illusions – Alanis Morissette
Make Me Smile – Chicago (pretty unthrilling so far, right?)
The Grandfather – Bill Cosby
Haushinka – Green Day
There’s A Place – Beatles
Dream World – Midnight Oil
Jungleland – Bruce Springsteen (You know, this may be a bad idea )
Hell’s Bells – AC/DC (ah, that’s better)
Jumpin’ Jack Flash – Johnny Winter And
Roll Over, Beethoven – Beatles
Jilly’s On Smack – Primus
Blue Calx – Aphex Twin
Live From the Moon – Trooper
March – Nutcracker Suite – Tchaikovsky – Lorin Maazel/Cleveland Orchestra
Frozen Over – Captain Beyond
The Great Deceiver – King Crimson
Project X – Frank Zappa & The Mothers
Out of The Blue – Elton John
Golden Age of Rock & Roll – Mott The Hoople
Superman – Bill Cosby
Whatsername – Green Day
Guiltless Glider – Cactus

This is actually a pretty tame list (or a lame tist – sorry i’m very tired), but anything is better than watching…whoever is on the grammy’s right now.





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5 responses to “real music

  1. The 30 second tribute to Dave Brubeck was an insult as far as I’m concerned. as much as I loved Levon Helm and a band that was from my generation to me the show should of ended displaying the genius that wrote History for the unusual time signatures and made music more exciting because of it.

    What does anybody think Blind Faith’s “Do What You Like” was all about?

    I taped this show for the primary reason of blowing past the complete non talent. The reality is I wanted to see the homage paid during the In Memory part and they couldn’t even get that right, only displaying part of the talent with putting three up on the screen and only highlighting just one.

    Somebody babbling best grammys ever. Give me a friggin break. That took place back in a time period of my parents era and my adolescence.

    This generation and for that matter the last 30 years, these people wouldn’t know real music if it ran them down a million miles an hour. Feel sorry for the whole lot of them

  2. that’s why i watched downton abbey instead.
    eclectic taste is good. my ipod goes from gregorian chant to frank zappa to monty python to andean music to steel pan to alanis morisette to van halen….you get the idea…

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