they got me again

bookShelves99.99999999999999999999 percent of the time i visit the library on the weekend, as opposed to weekday.  this past tuesday, however, there was this gnawing need that kept telling me to go the library, under the pretense of needing a new audio book for the car.  this is unusual behavior but i couldn’t ignore the voices.

sure enough, the branch I chose to visit (i’m lucky enough to have several branches i can use within a decent driving distance), was having…yes… a $1 per bag book sale.

They really have to stop these, as I have mentioned in previous posts.  i foresee a new reality show solely about book hoarders.  see this photo to the left?  that is my to-read pile.  these are just the ones I have NOT read.  and the second shelf from the top on the right is double shelved.  at my current pace it will take about 10 – 12 years to get through them all assuming a) I live that long, and b) I never buy another book.  “A” is up for grabs, “B” is about as likely as winning a Pulitzer Prize.  just not going to happen.

at least they aren’t in any order.

mostly.  i do have books by the same author grouped together, as any self-respecting J.D. Robb or Nelson DeMille fan should recognize.  but not alphabetized.  i swear.



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11 responses to “they got me again

  1. Holy cow. That sounds like me at the jumble sale of my aunt where they take 10p per book – which is almost 1$ a bag (depending on the size of the bag). Though since it is for a good cause – and the storing space in my room extremely limited I try to keep it with 5 books and – I give them about £5.

  2. Cooper, I don’t think you can consider yourself a true book hoarder until the books spill over onto the floor, every table and shelf in your home. There is still reasonable order to this. You need to work on that.

  3. I suffer from the same disease. They should put us on a reality show 🙂

  4. my name is lime and i’m a book hoarder.
    polite applause followed by, “hi, lime.”

    mr. lime has finally given up and is now enabling me. he’s just waiting for me to tell him what style of shelves i want for the next batch of books.

  5. Good thing you do not have one of these in your area.


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