It’s time to get TWISTED….

You like mysteries?  Humor?  Romance?  Sex?  Violence?  Serious Attitude Problems?  Yeah, this book has that and more.

My first novel, Twisted Ties has been published and is available in many formats.

In addition, Chynna Lennox, the book’s protagonist, has been chosen Sexy Heroine of the Week for the week of May 16th on Book Babe’s outstanding blog!

For all you Goodreads members, you can enter a chance to win a free copy right now until April 3rd!

Please check out the FacePlant Books website to get your copy today!!!!!

Get Twisted!!!!




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16 responses to “It’s time to get TWISTED….

  1. Whoop Whoop! Way to go 🙂 So proud of you!

  2. so excited for you! that is so very awesome! congratulations on making it happen!!!!!

  3. I actually READ it — Well Done Cooper!

  4. Cool beans! Are you set up in any way to sell me an autographed hardcopy?


  5. Pah! I feel discriminated. Can’t participate in the give away just because I live abroad. *moping*

    Now I bought it instead. So there!! 😀

  6. Congrats!
    I missed the deadline for Goodreads give away— poop.
    Ah well, have to buy for myself
    I don’t mind.

  7. Congratulations! Headed over to Amazon immediately to order my copy. Yay!

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