passing icons

It has not been a good week (or so) for celebrity icons….


ebert griffithsthatcher



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7 responses to “passing icons

  1. rough indeed. may they rest in peace, annette and roger especially since they had such a long battle before succumbing.

    as for maggie, i bear her no ill will but i’ve got british friends who were throwing parties celebrating her demise. wow!

  2. God since the latter part of 2012. Lee Dorman of Iron Butterfly, Alvin Lee of TYA, Brubeck, Shankar. Definitely no longer our parents era of entertainers, now it’s our own. Seems like just yesterday watching those beach movies with Annette & Frankie Avalon and now she’s gone. I liked Winters, he had a completly different approach to his humor as a comedian. Loved him on Johnny Carson.

    Yeah Maggie is in hell having starved the poor in her country while the rich indulged off their bones. No tears about her in any shape, manner or form. Ebert was an institution with his partner. No doubt they’ve joined in Heaven. Funicello will always be America’s Sweetheart forever.

    • No to mention (which few people do) Peter Banks of Yes. Alvin Lee was a shock to me only because I didn’t hear about it until weeks afterwards.

      As for Maggie – yeah she and Dick Nixon and Ron and Nancy Reagan are busy building a suite of rooms in hell for the impending arrival of the Bush family.

  3. You’re right, that debut album of Yes’s was outstanding especially Roundabout. I did know Banks died, just too much death lately. Mind boggling disheartening.

    LMAO … building a suite of rooms in hell for the impending arrival of the Bush family. Dead on on that as well.

  4. Annette was my first crush.

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