Goodreads Giveaway Number 2 is Underway!!!!

If you missed it the first time, here’s a chance to get a free copy of the book virtually no one is talking about but is bound to look like a trade paperback.

It’s the perfect book to take on vacation and if all else fails it has the size and heft perfect for hurling at your kids to get their attention.

Get Twisted!!!!!




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4 responses to “Goodreads Giveaway Number 2 is Underway!!!!

  1. wheeee!!!! since no one is talking about it i can and then i will be like one of those hipsters who is so cool because they like stuff no one knows about.

    man, this will be the first time ever that i’ve been cool! thanks for the opportunity!

  2. snowelf

    I am re-reading and LOVE it! 🙂 LOVE. I love all of the changes so far and as an added bonus, I look so spiffy sporting it in my hands on my back deck in my new sun chair that I bought just for readin’ out on my back deck.. Love it!!

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