i’m so disappointed

A recent Suldog post asked his readers to pick their entrance music.  And here, after all this time, I thought everyone heard my entrance music.  How disappointing to discover it’s all in my head…


For general occasions, my entrance music would start long before I entered the room…sort of a chance to build anticipation with the crowd…

and then immediately mix into…

But then I think, maybe something with a instantly recognizable opening, that will get people out of their chairs and moving….

And for those days when the rebel wants to come out and play (which is most days) (excuse to stupid commercial up front) (and the stupid editing by warner music)

And heading out of the door on Friday at 5 PM..(which makes it exit music I guess…depends on yer point of view)

Walking into work first thing Monday….





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12 responses to “i’m so disappointed

  1. awesome list for all your various entrance needs. monday’s music though…..dayum. that does sound the way monday feels.

  2. Fun post and so revealing 🙂 I have a “soundtrack” but hadn’t thought about entrance music .. now I shall. Heh heh heh.


  3. Mighty complicated earworm you got there..

    I have always envisioned my intro going something like this… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTFD5DZwK7g


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