things i boycott

the point of this is not to get you to boycott these things.  honestly.  i was just thinking that over the years I have collected a tiny list of things that, for one reason or another, i have decided to boycott until such time someone gives me a damn good reason not to.

So…in no particular order:

Exxon – have  not pulled up to an exxon pump since the valdez incident

Mobil – have not spent a penny on mobil products since they merged with exxon.  this one is rather easy as all the mobil stations around here have been closed anyway.

BP – they were on the border after the arrogance shown during the Alaska debacle.  The Gulf tragedy pushed them over the edge.

Aruba – not until some justice is served in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

Bekins Van Lines – these guys did everything short of bending me over a sink and re-enacting the Sisters scene from Shawshank Redemption.

Denon – my very first CD player was a Denon.  After 18 months it stopped working.  After several phone calls to their customer service department I received a letter that basically said “shit breaks.  not our problem”.  Never again.

It is possible to be redeemed from this list.  Ford used to be on it, but I’ve heard some good things over the past few years so it’s not a strict blockade.  I’ve found myself salivating over the convertible Mustang lately.  We’ll see.  Actually Chrysler is running neck and neck.  It’s still going to take a lot for me to plunk down that kind of cash for either of their vehicles.

AmericanIdolDancingWithTheStarsLostSurvivorBachelorBachelorette etc etc etc – you couldn’t pay me enough to endure it.





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22 responses to “things i boycott

  1. walmart for me. they are loathsome on so many levels.

    • dunno if it’s a boycott for me… it’s more fear based…

    • snowelf

      Agreed! I feel dirty every time i am there–I never willingly go–but my best friend just loves walmart for some reason so I just humor her. 🙂

    • I understand the objection that Walmart has caused the closure of many local, mom-and-pop stores.

      Many have criticized Barnes and Noble for doing the same to independent book sellers. Now, they are being hoisted with their own petard by Amazon. Do you feel the same hostility toward B&N or Amazon?


  2. Target. I had a store card there and they charged me a $45 late fee once when I wasn’t late. No matter how many times I talked to India I couldn’t get them to right their wrongs. Never been back there since. Got a Target gift card for my bday & I gave it away.

  3. I boycotted Nestle for about 20 years because of their practice of convincing poor 3rd world mothers to use formula for their infants instead of breast feeding. Their milk dries up and so does their money. Their children starve or are malnourished. Then I moved to Switzerland where virtually everything is made by Nestle. You really have to read the fine print when you’re boycotting!

    I’ve boycotted Exxon since Valdez, too, although I have had to go there a couple of times during emergencies. With the merger, there are places where there are no options, except BP and, well, I don’t go there, either.

  4. snowelf

    Oh boy, could I do a blog post on this…I am a fiercely loyal–brands, stores, TV channels, radio shows, etc. And it’s so true what you said–one bad experience and I am done. I feel like life is short and i reserve the right to be picky–especially when I am paying you. But that being said, I have written many a letter to people’s bosses who have provided me with excellent customer service–they totally deserve it.

  5. snowelf

    ps–did you know there’s an app for that on iPhone called Buycott–you can scan barcodes to find out if the product you are buying supports your cause, or is part of the problem. I use it to stay away from genetically modified food. 🙂

  6. Air travel. If I cannot drive, I do not go.


  7. I tend to avoid Walmart but I cannot claim a strict boycott. My in-laws are constantly sending the kids gift cards to walmart so we end up there a couple times a year.
    I have Capital One horror stories so I will have nothing to do with them and share my loathing whenever possible.

    • Why is it that everyone is piling on Paula Deen while Capital One has not seen fit to dump Alec Baldwin for the many hateful things he has said or done?

      Then there was talk he may be interested in running for mayor of New York. How could a wiener like that hope to win? Uh, wait a minute…


  8. Facebook.

    Some people like to complain that Microsoft or Google are evil monopolies.

    We may be barely escaping being swallowed by that facebook black hole. Many facebookers consider their world to be the universe; if it was not posted on facebook, it is not real. The corollary is that if they post it on facebook, they need not bother telling anyone else. They believe that everyone is on facebook and that everyone is just as fixated with it.

    I will not join something just to see what is in it. I am sickened by the insipid “numbers game” surrounding the accumulation of “friends” or “likes.” This is the same illness as an obsession with the post count on a discussion board or the number of finds in geocaching.

    A company pushing “like us on facebook” too much makes me take my business elsewhere.


  9. OK, have I got another one…

    Kroger, Tom Thumb, Brookshire’s, Safeway, Ralph’s, CVS and Walgreen.

    What do they have in common?

    Those silly plastic cards you have to cough up to get the advertised sale price.


  10. OK, one more: spammers.

    I am old-school. Having used e-mail since the early 90s, I harbor a deep hostility toward anyone trying to commercialize my inbox. There is one exception – a small company owned and operated by a family I personally know and trust will never contact total strangers without prior consent.

    Actually two. I used to go to COMDEX and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas every year. As a software developer and consultant, I was able to qualify for free admission to both. In fact, I made a habit of giving free COMDEX passes to my gadget-freak Dad. He would register as the president of an investment company (he traded stocks and they may have thought he was VC) and take Mom along as his vice-president (she was really amused by the title.) Dad loved seeing the new technology he will be able to buy in the coming years and they both enjoyed collecting the various knick-knacks the exhibitors handed out. So Dad, Mom, my brother and I would explore the show all day, then convene back in the hotel room to decompress and trade stories for an hour before heading out to gorge ourselves at a buffet and play in a casino. Lather, rinse, repeat every day for an entire week. Great fun. Our bonds were never as tight as during those years. I remain on the mailing list of the company running CES in case I happen to decide to go again.

    But I digress…

    If someone wants to send me stuff by snail mail to place, unopened, into the recycle bin, knock yourself out. The post office needs your money.

    But I resent that a spammer sitting in his mother’s basement in his dirty underwear can harass me at essentially no cost. I tell people who complain about spam, “never buy anything from them, you will only encourage them to send even more.” Hopefully the message is getting through.

    My ISP has gotten pretty good at blocking much of it. They allow me to block everything from <anybody> They even allow me to block everything from an entire domain. Blocking .info is very effective, BTW. Unfortunately, they do not support sophisticated wildcards or regular expressions so that I cannot block something like <someone>@<gobbledygook>

    Their close cousins, telemarketers, are the scum of the Earth. I’ll never patronize them either.


  11. Also Michael Vick, Mc Donald’s, Prudential Insurance and the city of Denver, Colorado. Loved your list too!

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