linked from Life Is Too Short – outstanding clip from Michael Pritchard- compassion – passion for a comrade – it’s getting lost….

How many stories in the news – tv, radio, internet or paper – are about compassion?  One out of every…what…20?  30?  If that.

How many video games are about compassion?

How much compassion do you show your kids?

Hom much compassion do we show the elderly?

It has to start early….



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6 responses to “compassion

  1. Love your question about how much compassion do we show our kids. People learn by imitation, so modeling compassion for others is a great lesson.

  2. Screw you. Gimme your lunch money!

    Just idding, of course. Hey, I saw, over at Lime’s place, that you’ve been published since last we exchanged pleasantries. Congratulations!

  3. Thanks for making me bawl my face off at 7am!

    Great video. Great questions.

    Had long conversations (with examples) with the grandkids this weekends. Lots of “that’s not nice” and then explaining …why. Kids live what they learn. It’s what they hear — ever listen to how characters on TV talk to each other? To the parents on the Nickelodeon show? Horrifying.

    Swimming against the tide over here,

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