it’s the most wonderful time of the year…redux

booksBuriedI feel like i just wrote this post, but it’s the third weekend in September once again which can only mean one thing….


This is truly my downfall each year, and i keep asking them to stop doing this as I already have too many sitting on my to-read shelve(s),  but when I can pick up 7 hard covers, including three first editions, for $14…well come on.  What can you expect from me?

And if that’s not bad enough, next weekend the sale continues – and the prices change to $2 a grocery bag full.

Really…  have mercy already.



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8 responses to “it’s the most wonderful time of the year…redux

  1. i completely understand. first week of june is the time for me. $2 hardcovers. $1 paperbacks. half price halfway through the week, then $2 bag day, then $1 bag day. the last 3 hours are free. lord have mercy.

  2. I’m like a Junkie at the Library sale when they put up the paper grocery bag offer (same $2 to fill it) … If only I had the time to read every book I’ve bought!


  3. I will confess that my honey and I have disagreed on what any spare room in the future should be used for, I say library and he says mancave. Clearly my idea is better. Once I have a library to store the books, watch out, library sale!

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