shut up or i’ll kill you

Okay, so we have flash fiction friday, wordless Wednesday, motivational monday, half-naked Tuesday – or was that thursday – so long ago…anyway

i’m going with anti-motivational wednesday near thursday, as the title of this post suggests.  The phrase was most superbly uttered in the best episode of the britcom The Young Ones.  The episode was entitled Bambi and was a standout in comedy, but also for some additional items…

2:40 in part 1 below – the exterior of the house the lads live in is viewable on google maps if, like me, you have no life and spend your time analyzing videos for road signs and doing a bit of searching.

8:13 in Part 1 – Robbie Coltrane (That’s Hagrid for you Potterites) and Tony Robinson (Black Adder’s sidekick for Adderites)

10:52 in Part 1 – shut-up or i’ll kill you – even more interesting as it’s said during the infamous role-swap bit where Rik Mayall is playing Vyvian.

:30 in Part two – Motorhead, the infamous Lemmy.  What i find amusing is the song Ace of Spades has a trading guitar solo bridge but the cameras constantly focus on the guitar NOT soloing.

10:10 in part 2 – the footlights college contestants for University Challenge: Ben Elton, Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie. What a crew!



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