50 marketing

The-60-s-Photos-the-60s-24193277-639-446With the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK less than two weeks away, it occurs to me that the next seven or so years are going to be filled with significant 50th anniversaries.  Significant to my age bracket anyway – if you were born in the 80’s or 90’s or later (and why aren’t you doing your homework instead of reading this?) all these anniversaries have as much importance as poking yourself in the eye with a sharp stick.

Just imagine….  The 50th anniversary celebrations for The Beatles alone is a marketing wet dream:

First Ed Sullivan Show
First Gold Record
First US concert
Release of Sgt Pepper
Hard Day’s Night
and on and on and on.  Not to mention The Stones, the entire British invasion…

We’re going to relive the 60’s through a consumerist eye:  more political assassinations (Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X), Woodstock, The first moon landing. The number 50 will become a 60-s-TV-wallpaper-the-60s-926330_800_600constant cultural icon – like Bart Simpson or Donald Trump’s hair. And it will all be linked to car and mattress sales. Just imagine the wealth of Franklin Mint commemorative coins that could be sold.  Tie-dye will make an even stronger comeback than it already has (get on it Limey!).  Somebody will have to put a TV extravaganza together, celebrating the birth of all those wacky, iconic 60’s shows.

There’s also something oddly disquieting about that fact I’ll turn 60 while we celebrate the 60’s.  ::::::shivers:::::  Let’s not go there.



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7 responses to “50 marketing

  1. Yeah me too. Perhaps we cannot just celebrate the second 25th anniversary ..

  2. lime

    i’ve been a tie-dyeing fool the last month of so! i’m ready!

  3. snowelf

    Coops, you are awesome and I’m glad you’re ONLY nearing that six. oh. number because that means we have many many many many more years to be friends.
    Just my humble opinon. 🙂

  4. You can probably guess how much coverage the JFK assassination anniversary has been getting here in Dallas. As long as I have lived here, I have never visited Dealey Plaza or the schoolbook depository. But I did tour the JFK Library in Boston a couple of years ago – it was a very moving experience. Anyone with an interest in history should try to visit the various presidential libraries. I have been to four of them so far, five if you count the Lincoln one – got there too late, so just browsed the gift shop…


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