and we wonder why we are messed up

It’s the holiday season, a time of peace, love and serenity – a perfect for the kids to come back from school, meet old friends and revel in the togetherness of the season.

Maybe get everyone together and take in one of the latest movies…. (OK these are not pleasant – so don’t watch if you don’t like horror violence blood and guts – but I pulled these of the latest trailers list from apple trailers and IMDB.  And we shake our heads in disbelief at school, mall and public violence – but don’t worry – there’s no direct relationship between violence in the movies and real life.  Because everyone who goes to the movies is just out for a good time and has no social or psychological issues that may be triggered by shit like this.)



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2 responses to “and we wonder why we are messed up

  1. I hate horror/slash movies. Why folks watch them I will never understand.

  2. yeah, we aren’t affected by what we see. that’s exactly why advertisers spend more than the GDP of some small nations for 30 seconds of airtime during the superbowl.

    i call bullshit. can’t have it both ways.

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