choose what you believe

now to be fair – I don’t know who “Not Frantz Fanon” is, what his/her/their agenda is or why hide behind the image of a revolutionary leader who died over 50 years ago.  If you are going to propagandize the right (who certainly deserve it in this case if these quotes are all accurate), at least have the balls to be up-front about who you are.

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2 responses to “choose what you believe

  1. I don’t know who this guy is, but pointing out hypocrisy in the then-now of these folks doesn’t bother me at all. Besides it is Twitter — how much info can you put into 140 characters? His followers likely know who he is. Then there is always Google.

    • Pointing out hypocrisy in our elected officials is like shooting fish in a barrel. I am always wary of things I read on ‘net if their source isn’t readily apparent. It’s too easy to accept opinion, true or false, as fact.

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