wrap it up

According to my year-end stats my posts for 2013 averaged less than one a week.  Pretty poor showing – but after ten years of blogging – what the hell is there left to say?  I’m certain people can tolerate just so much of my political and social ranting (except, maybe, against Fox Television – as they do provide a never-ending source of stupidity – actually that goes for all television…ooops…here I go again).

In any case, let’s look at some key achievements for the year – break out the drinks and settle back as we revel in all the past glories.

Here we go…


don’t  rush me…

Well…that was fun wasn’t it?

Now for what’s in store for the new year.  Do I drag out  and blow the dust off the same resolutions I’ve been spouting for 25 years?

You betcha.

The weight thing.  Let’s face it.  It’s not happening under threat of torture, so let’s not set false expectations – drop that one for good right now.

Hmmm.  Finished the book so that can be scratched off the list.

Winning the lottery.  Yeah, not counting on that either.

OK.  So I’m facing 2014 with no specific resolutions whatsoever.  Just kind of rolling on – staying the course to trot out a trite Reaganism.

I do have a question, tho.  Did we miss a month in 2013?  Sure felt that way.



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7 responses to “wrap it up

  1. Glad you’re not counting on winning the lottery. That baby’s all mine!

    Happy New Year, Cooper!

  2. a couple years ago i resolved to throw out any underwear that was uncomfortable. it was a nice, attainable, gentle resolution. i highly recommend it.

    did we skip any months this year? i can assure you we did not. there were a couple i’d have liked to skip but did not. wishing you a happy, healthy 2014.

  3. snowelf

    Cooper–you sound like me! I have no “official” goals this year–Although I’ve been obsessive about going to the gym this year because I want to wear an awesome dress to KateHopeEden’s wedding. *dance dance* 🙂 I do plan on blogging a lot more this year–so far, so good!

  4. Maybe you got confused and used a lunar calendar?

    In the Chinese calendar, leap year dos not feature an extra day, but an extra month!


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