wawa’s getting sloppy

WawaLogoIf there was a 12-step group for people who over-frequent WaWa – I would be part of it.  For those not in DE, NJ, PA, WaWa is a convenience store that grew out of a family dairy farm in PA.  A few years ago they started making sandwiches – pretty decent ones too, for the price (cheap).  So at least twice a week, I get a sandwich and a coke.  Lately tho, they’ve been screwing up my order – leaving items out – which I never realize until I get home and it’s too late to complain about it.  Usually not a monumental deal – just annoying.  Over the past month, I have noticed a significant reduction in the amount of main items – less turkey, tuna etc.  This seems to be happening at all the stores (trust me – i know where every WaWa is within 20 miles – like I said.  12-step group.) .  Not happy about this.

I wonder what WaWa withdrawal symptoms are?  And I’m more concerned for my car than myself.  My car knows where to go – if not by repetition than by need – many of the WaWa locations, especially the new ones are gas outlets as well.Wawa_Dairy_Farms

During the holidays, we did some traveling in southeast PA.  We got turned around and ended driving past the original Wood Family farm that is now the WaWa Dairy Farm.  I felt like I had journeyed to the promised land.  Forget Jesus in the manger, this was the real thing.

We also passed the “corporate headquarters” –

Wawa_Red_RoofKinda quaint, huh?



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6 responses to “wawa’s getting sloppy

  1. snowelf

    I wouldn’t mind hanging out at the HQ for a bit–think they need some IT peeps??

  2. man, you ARE hardcore. but there is something endearing about corporate HQ being in an old house like that rather than some shiny glass and metal box.

  3. While driving through Joisey a year and a half ago, I wondered how they got their name.

    Other unusual names:

    Terrible Herbst in Las Vegas

    Toot’n Totum in Amarillo

    Kum & Go in the Midwest, I think


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