why, part 627

why does…do?…does??  not sure…anyway…why does every person on a soap opera look like they stepped off the pages of GQ and Vogue?  Where are all the cigar chomping big, fat slobs? Where are all the trailer park wal720denizens with the 15 kids whose eyes are just a tad too close together?  And what about all those WalMart shoppers we’ve seen in the countless emails – how come none of them show up on Young & The Restless or Days of Our Lives? I think we need a soap opera that represents the real America – – like COPS only in the same town week after week…



Filed under america, TV

3 responses to “why, part 627

  1. i think duck dynasty about covers it.

  2. Lime stole my comment. It was mine, I tell ya. Mine!

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