did i really?

pussycatMix057Doing a bit of housecleaning -leafing through a pile of old – we’re talkin’ old here – recipe magazines, pulling out the one or two things that may be worth giving a go.  I did pass on some old-time standards – anything involving olive loaf and cream cheese, and any food in a jello mold.  I did find this ad, tho, and it sparked a memory for me – i used to drink this stuff. When I was 18-21 the drinking age in jersey was 18.  And this nasty thing was my drink of choice.  Gad.  I’m surprised it didn’t kill my taste for bourbon completely.  Bourbon and Tang is what this concoction essentially came down to – and if mixed in the blender produced a frothy white head.  Ugh.  Thank god I grew up.  Well, at least when it comes to alcohol anyway.



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11 responses to “did i really?

  1. That is pretty awful, Cooper. Tang might get you to the moon, but you’d puke once you got there. How did we all survive that stuff?

  2. …and after a couple, that becomes, “I tawt I taw a puddy tat!”


  3. Me too, 18 in NJ. I actually remember that ad, how old does that make me!? My drink of choice was ginger and soco. I guess we’ve both matured, lol. Thanks for posting.

  4. lime

    bourbon and tang, sounds like the horrible precursor to some of the flavored vodkas and wine coolers.

  5. That looks revolting.
    I wasn’t in an early drinking state and even at 21 wasn’t much of a drinker. My 21st birthday drink of choice featured ice cream, Oreo™ cookies, creme de menthe and creme de cacao. It was lovely

  6. Rip Ragged

    Hmmm. Reminds me of an early experiment from my misspent youth. Frozen concentrated pink lemonade and vodka, blended. Tasted as innocent as a Slushy. Fortunately there was no such thing as YouTube in those days.

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