the big tease

no, i’m not taking about any pop singing diva or porn star – and granted there is a fine line showing there – it’s the wonderful spring weather gracing a much snow-battered (and consequently beer-battered) new jersey.  Yes I Shawshank-Redemptionjpgknow the mercury is supposed to plunge again and the forecast is calling for more of the wearisome white stuff for tuesday and wednesday, but yesterday and today were glorious. You know that scene in Shawshank Redemption were Tim Robbins slithers out of the sewer pipe to freedom and then stands there, arms raised, letting the rain wash over him?  Yeah, that kind of weather.  It’s a taste of what is coming – hopefully sooner rather than later.

In other news, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.



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6 responses to “the big tease

  1. lime

    yep, yesterday i just stood outside, talking with someone, marveling over a blue sky and the fact that i was not shivering.

  2. Well in Detroit it’s back to freezing and by Thurs. back to below zero. My sinuses & head feel like they’re going to explode, not to mention the deepening depression from this horrid winter. I don’t have the energy to even go out. We never did warm past the 40s & then it rained with 50 mph winds following.

    BTW…Great Picture!

  3. I spent Saturday afternoon with oldest boy and the grands … the sun was delicious, the temps, not so much. He dressed for spring, but in the 4 hours we were together, the temps dropped 15 degrees. By the time I dropped them off, he was shivering. Spring’s a coming .. but not quite yet. And in my Mom voice I told him, “this is how people get sick…”


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