i don’t know what’s going on

This is not unusual in a broader sense.

But lately i’ve been immersing myself in avant grade music – and i’m digging it.  It may be a natural extension of the amount of Zappa I’ve been listening to,  but I’ve picked up a few albums/CDs on a recent spree at Princeton Record Exchange (where else?).

The second string quartet by Gyorgy Ligeti.  You may know the name from the pieces of his featured in 2001: A Space Odyssey (Atmospheres, Lux Aeterna), but this is more layers on sonic imagination.  I understand it’s not everyone’s taste…

Then there is Edgard Varese. His compositions are best described by those with a deeper (albeit sometimes snotty) musical vocabulary than mine. I’ll let the music talk.



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2 responses to “i don’t know what’s going on

  1. lime

    well, varese was one of zappa’s favorites so yeah, i might draw a link there.

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