Happy Saturday

We awoke this morning to a letter from the townhouse association where we live that stated we were not allowed to have two dogs, and if we didn’t “correct the situation ” we would be fined $250 a month. These are the same two dogs we’ve had for the past 4 years…. And now all of a sudden there’s a problem. I wonder if all the other two dog and cat owners got the same letter?

So, get rid of a dog or pay a fine. Well what about kids? Can we make the same claim? “Hi. You have more than one kid. Either kill one or pay a fine.”

Time to move.



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6 responses to “Happy Saturday

    • so far i haven’t found anyone else with two dogs that got a letter. i think it’s just us – as we have two AmStaff boxer mix dogs, both rescue, and they scare some of the little kids around. Not that they’ve ever come close to them or that the dogs are loose – which they never are. These kids have all been warped by the adult-pitbull propaganda.

  1. That’s for shit Coop. I’d sue them. I’d rather have animals then people, a hell of lot more loving and loyal. I need something to scare the two little undisciplined spoiled brats next to me that scream at the top of their lungs and I mean ear piecing screams all friggin day and night. With their asinine grandparents that wouldn’t dare to tell them SHUT UP. They wrecked all last spring, summer & fall. Going to tell their asses soon to move their swing set and play ground that’s 20 yards across from my bedroom window to the back of their yard. The use the Side of their yard right in my face. Can’t even sleep.

    Give me the dogs any day over stupid people who refuse to even control children. ugh infuriating.

  2. I hate home moaner asshole-ciations.


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