the sands of time

things change.  but most times things change so slowly it’s hard to notice – or we are absent from the change so when we see it the alteration is sometimes mind-blowing. For example, beaches. I grew up spending two weeks every summer on Nauset Heights (East Orleans, Cape Cod, Massachusetts – if i could recite the long/lat I would).  I’ve been there twice since my childhood, once in 1979 and 1999 – on the heels of hurricane Floyd, literally.

To access the beach there were long staircases built into they bluff that led to the Nauset inlet cove. From there one walked around the cove, through “the cut” in the dunes to the ocean side.  Unless, of course, you were a wimp and couldn’t take the 55 degree ocean temps – even in August – and stayed on the cove side – which wasn’t a hell of a lot warmer.

Here’s a view from the top of the bluff stairs, circa 1979…(please excuse the two-tone crappiness of the shot – it was three fotos I slapped together)

foto_EastOrleans_091979_Nauset Cove panoramic


Note the large rock in the foreground, and while the foto offers no perspective, that’s a big-ass rock i used to climb on.  It’s a marker – on it is a plaque honoring two knuckleheads who rowed from that point…to Ireland.

cove rock

3 months in a rowboat.  In the atlantic.  During hurricane season.  Very nice. How I spent my summer vacation…

I digress.  Change.  Here is a shot from the same stairs that was recently taken.


See that white lump about half way down on the right?  That’s the rock. The beach has shifted a bit, no? Locals go down on occasion and dig around the rock so the plaque remains visible.

Things change.




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3 responses to “the sands of time

  1. I am surprised the water was that cold with the Gulf Stream; there must be a river draining into the sea nearby. Ocean water in California, now that’s cold.


  2. A rowboat across the Atlantic? Holy wow!
    Neat memories, Coop

  3. lime

    wow, change indeed. and i am trying to imagine what would possess someone to row to ireland in hurricane season. how do you even pack enough food and water for that period of time in a rowboat?

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