taste the adventure

the saga continues…

the house we were going to buy…we are not going to buy.  walked away from it.  just not what we thought it would be and several issues left unresolved.

so – here we are, 5 days before the moving van arrives and nowhere to go.  Stress???  nah…

Here’s where divine providence steps in. turns out the attorney we were going to use has a house he just refurbished – at least it’s 95% done and to make a long story short, we’re going to buy it.  In a great little town we’ve always liked and they did a stellar job refurbishing.  Since it’s vacant we can move or stuff in the same day the movers show up.  Whew.


we can’t physically move in until closing.  30 days from now. So…

Take a guess how many apartments in the area do month to month leases.  None.

Take a guess how many apartments that allow pets allow our breed of dog.  None.

Take a guess how many efficiency suite hotels in the area allow pets – we don’t know yet.  We’re asking for additional divine intervention.

Will be interesting living out of a hotel for the next month….




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10 responses to “taste the adventure

  1. You probably know about this, but just in case:

    I have never used them. But if you look you can probably find a rental in a vacation-y sort of place. (Lots of places where we go in Maine take dogs.)
    Good luck with it all. But from what you said about the other house, you are well rid of it!

  2. oh man when it rains it pours. Someday you’ll look back and laugh at this (they say) – or not. Hang in there, Tiger! MJ

    • We are laughing now just to keep our sanity. When we moved from Texas to PA (eons ago) we had to live in a hotel for a few days before we could get in to our apartment. We were flat broke – the radio station where we were going to work put us up at the hotel – and we lived off off Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips free meal certificates. This time, thankfully, is no where near as trying but it does bring back memories.

  3. lime

    yikes. sorry to hear the first place fell through but glad you’ll eventually get a nice newly redone place. in the meantime i hope you don’t smell any rotting corpses at the bates motel.

  4. Ooooh man, so sucks.
    Maybe it is a good time to head back to a tropical pool?

  5. We also had a gap of a month or so…our realtor found an empty house for sale in his collection and with the owners approval, we took it over and cleaned it up, making his sale more expedient. We were there for 5 weeks and it was a win- win for everybody.

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