Happy New Year and stuff

Happy new year.

First off – the new OS for iMac – Yosemite – is crap. It’s such a memory hog it’s as if it was designed by Microsoft.  Sorry I ever downloaded it.

Second – ancient history time -there was a day when if you wanted to “work in radio”, back in the day when radio was a viable industry, you needed to get a license from the FCC, and that meant studying for a typical government test where you needed to know all this junk to take the test then promptly forgot 95% of it because the knowledge will never get applied.  It meant a trip fcc licenseto Varrick St  in NYC to the FCC offices to take it.  We’re doing some house cleaning and I came across my old one, long expired – interestingly it expired in 1985 yet I continued to work in radio until about 1990.  Guess anyone can get on the air now – which can be verified by a quick tune up and down the dial…

Was I really ever 180 pounds?  Not going to say say how many pounds that was ago…

Third – what’s been going on these past few months – I’ll give you the short version as the long version would be a bit tedious by this point.  The bottom line, back in October, after months of testing, the mrs. was diagnosed with brain cancer.  Fortunately it is the treatable type, for which we are forever grateful, and we are in the middle of a couple months of chemo.  The treatments, because of the toxicity nature of the chemo, are all in-patient for 3-4 days so we drag our butts to NYC every other week until the end of February to kick the shit out of this disease.  So far so good; the Mrs is feeling good physically and outside of the trauma of hair loss, everything is progressing and the treatments appear to be doing their job.

A word about oncology nurses. Nobody, and I mean nobody, does better at their job than these ladies – especially where we are.  The doctors should be donating at least 30% of their fees to these people.

Fourthly (is that a word) – I knuckled under and started a Facebook page (hangs head in shame).  Honestly, tho, the people I have re-connected with, thanx in large part to a 40th high school reunion which will be the subject of another post, have been amazingly supportive through our cancer journey.  I guess it was time for the Facebook thing to happen…

Oh yeah, one other thing – in the middle of all the medical stuff we sold our house, bought a new one and moved.  Let’s see, outside of getting pregnant I don’t know how better to stress us out…



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5 responses to “Happy New Year and stuff

  1. Coop, you and yours are in my prayers. I have to have a test Tues. and a procedure I don’t want to have whenever the Dr. sets it up after results. This too will be examined, I pray the outcome will be OK. May we all kick the shit out of our medical problems, mine are plentiful. Seems no one is untouched which is sad. The stress and worry is enough to kill us alone.

    Your wife is probably more courageous than I. I’ve always been a fighter and have faced much but if told I had cancer….I just don’t know. So all of us keep swinging like Rocky Marciano and score a knockout. OK!

    (btw..my house is no doubt going bye bye, there’s nothing i can do. Such is life.)

    Mrs. Coop, prayers going up please stay strong..you’re both in my thoughts.

    • Thanx. A couple things we’ve both learned – 95% of what we worry about never happens, the process of discovery is the un-nerving piece – once we had the diagnosis and a plan in place, then it’s a matter of putting one foot in front of the other -one step at a time. And you’d be surprised what courage you have when faced with things…. good luck with all your tests – i will pray for the best.

  2. Fancy restricted radiotel license. I got mine when I started my DJ career at WDOM. Then later went on to get my amateur and General Radiotelephone license. So I’m KD1S and PG-GB-07624.

  3. Holy hell! That’s a lot to deal with. I am glad to hear her cancer is treatable, although I’m sure the treatments are rough, too.

    I’ve missed your posts … thanks for the updates. Send me your address, I’ll mail some of my Mondo cookies to you. Weight be damned.


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