Cancer, A Love Story

On November 1, 2014, we gave birth to a 2.3 centimeter bouncing baby lymphoma, nestled conveniently in the Mrs. brain.

So let me get this out of the way:

1) It was NOT glioblastoma – for which we are grateful.

2) The Mrs. is responding well to treatment – which we hope is in its final stages – more on that to come.

3) The coffee shop at Sloan Kettering in Manhattan has this wicked crumb coffee cake that comes in regular and chocolate – mother-of-god.

What follows here and in subsequent posts, are a series or rants and observations that started one night, lying in my sleeper chair staring at the ceiling unable to sleep (which happened a lot), counting holes in the acoustic tile, while the IV dripped continually and the world continually went further askew.  It occurred to me that chronicling this journey through my warped eye might serve two purposes:

1) Keep me occupied – thus not losing my mind.

2) Keep everyone else informed of what was happening.

ok three things….

3) Ensuring we maintained a sense of humor and a positive perspective.  Little did I know I would get sooooooooo much help in that area.

These observations were posted in Facebook.  I had resisted Facebook until…well, just before all this kicked in.  I can’t explain it; an epiphany pinged in my brain saying “Hey! Now would be splendid time to start that Facebook page you’ve been to militantly refusing to do for so long.” Yeah, yeah, yeah…stop nagging already.

Little did I know these posts would garner a following, the likes of which blow me and the Mrs. away.  People showing love and support, literally, appeared out of our past to delight and amaze us.  Again, we are beyond grateful.




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3 responses to “Cancer, A Love Story

  1. Oh dear. Sloan sounds like the best place to be — they have coffe cake!

    Good luck to you both and please do keep us posted.

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with both of you.

    Cancer sucks. I had thought for sure that it would be cured by the year 2000, but we don’t have flying cars either.


  3. Been praying for the both of you every day Coop. With Love!

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