God’s away on business…

Has to be.  Can be the only explanation for what has happened today.

Early text from friend and former workmate; a mutual friend of our’s father passed away last night.  Sad for our friend who is a good woman and has not had the easiest of roads to hoe…although she’s always managed to do it with grace and a smile.

Later on, received word that the Mrs. first roommate at Sloan Kettering has passed away.  They were together during Thanksgiving week 2014 and the roommate passed away about a week after that.  Took the wind out of our sails as she was bouncing back so well, or so we thought, from a number of different cancers.  She was a good woman and it saddened us to hear that she had succumbed so quickly.

This evening, found out that a woman we went to high school with, and I went to Junior High with, passed away today after a long, courageous battle with ALS. A gentle soul in this world – we even dated for a couple weeks in ninth grade – I think that had more to do with it being spring and she and I were voted Nicest Smile in the yearbook.  I understand they don’t do that anymore because too many parents complained.  Pity.

How was your day, dear????



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7 responses to “God’s away on business…

  1. Oh shit. That is some soul-crushing news.

    I have had health issues for 40+ years. My sisters were both healthy, hearty. Left me in the dust. They are both gone.

    We don’t get to choose. All e a new do is be kind to each other and hope for kindness in return.

  2. Mary

    I’m sorry for your troubles. I truly am.

  3. lime

    gees, that is just a boatload of suck. i am truly sorry. have the feelings you need to have in the wake of all that and then keep moving forward. big hugs to you and mrs.

    • Got a call from another good friend who’s husband was just diagnosed with stomach lymphoma… I think all my stars and planets are aligned in a straight shot with Uranus….

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