As expected, the flapdoodles have taken over….

The debate over “the flag” is custom made for the looney politicians and puffed up media blowhards. Self-righteous tongues in both camps are already flopping in spasms like so many flounders washed ashore gasping for water. It’s a jackpot topic that may possibly hold up straight through to November 2016.

But in the end, it’s nothing more than a distraction; something safe to glom onto to avoid the difficulty of the real issue.

The flag may be a symbol of segregation and racial supremacist attitudes – but if it came down tomorrow, what would change? Would all the people who have been taught the lie that non-whites are somehow inferior suddenly be inspired to a life of racial harmony if the flag were removed ? (For my money the reaction would be just the opposite – it would fuel their dangerous and faulty beliefs into a deeper anger)

The debate needs to surround how to deal with hundreds of years of racially motivated ignorance passed from generation to generation – a topic that’s always been branded as political suicide, so we know that little common sense will come from political camps, and the media has no interest in intelligent debate – to paraphrase that Jake G movie – the media wants naked women running down the street with their throat slashed. 

This one is up to us – having the guts to not tolerate racism – not on a large scale- but in small everyday things. Stop tolerating the racist jokes, stand up to racist behaviors. We decide what we want our lives to reflect – not Washington or the State Capitals, not the media in any shape or form. Us. US.



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2 responses to “As expected, the flapdoodles have taken over….

  1. I think I will respectfully disagree. The flag is an in-your-face reminder that some folks doubt the humanity, or the human value of others. I might agree if it were not sanctioned by states, politicians, “personalities”, but it is. It is a symbol that the hate is a-okay.

    Its removal will not repeal racism or hate. But it will make it less acceptable to flaunt it. And that is something.

    • I don’t discount any of that and do fully support removing it – but Washington and the media are making that the crux of the issue – and it’s not. It is symptomatic if the larger issue which gets neatly swept under the carpet out of political expediency.

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