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spark of Henry VIII

I have not mentioned this before but over the past year I have become a rabid Jeff Dunham fan.  I mean rabid to the point where the family forbids me to touch the Roku remote to bring Netflix to life, or banishes me to the computer to watch YouTube clips. Now, I am of the mind when someone provides me much enjoyment for free I need to take the action to support the artists effort. I have bought books after borrowing them from the library just as a show of support.  I figure Dunham has made me laugh enough in the past year that he was due some consideration.  So I purchased his latest DVD, Controlled Chaos and a previous Comedy Central special, Spark of Insanity from Amazon.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the following…

and inside was the following…

and, no, it was not just a label switch.  It was The Other Boleyn Girl.  I’m trying to fathom how that could happen.  I could see if it was a different Dunham special, or possibly some other stand up comic, but historical drama?  Do the runs at the packaging plant really come that close together?  Strange….



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thanx to pure sophistry for posting this…


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friRev – juvenile – ain’t it grand?

ok fine.  no one liked my angry kids vids.  be that way.  just for that, here’s a clip of someone with more talent than any of us and then some…

in the fledgling days of the internet, before youtube and streaming, there were offshoot movie sites that hosted all manner of short films…this is apart from all the porn sites. one of the earliest was Atom Films, which still thrives today but in a slicker presentation, missing the rough independent edges it once had.  One of Atom’s early staples was The Angry Kid series, thoroughly clever and juvenile, I loved most of the episodes.  Here are my three favorites.  Have a laugh this week…..


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before the next rant, there will be a short joke


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eight taggy things

This is a tag by Xmichra via Mejis@ Southern Discomfort. I am supposed to answer her questions and then write 8 of my own. Then I am supposed to tag 8 people to answer my questions. Here are her questions and my answers…

1-What do you value most, as a trait, in other people?
The ability to suck three tennis balls through twelve feet of garden hose.

2-Do believe that people are inherently good or bad?
People are inherently indifferent until some douche pisses them off, then they are inherently good at being bad.

3- If you could only see black and white except for one color, what color would you choose to see?
I think a pale Detroit would be nice….

4-If you could have a room filled with *_______*, what would that blank be?
It would still be a blank because it’s the room that is getting filled.

5-How do you deal with someone you don’t like?
From the bottom.

6- What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

7-What’s your favorite song? Why?
I’ve always had a special place for the aria Vedrai, carino from Mozart’s Magic Flute…as done by Joe Cocker

8- What is the best advice you’ve ever given and received?
Received – “put that vacuum cleaner hose down…”
Given – “A little to the right…there, that’s it”

9-How do you personally define “Right” from “Wrong”?
By looking under “R” then “W” in my trusty Funk and Wagnalls…

10- If you and I met up for an IRL coffee (tea,whatev) date, what would you most want to talk about?
Family insanity and the price of mucilage…

Even tho X wrote 10, i’ll stick with 8.  I’m sure you’ll be glad I did…

1) It’s your second date with a person you met on  They invite you to a formal party at a friend of theirs who lives on a massive estate in the country.  The two of you are dressed to the nines and drive up a long curved drive surrounded by trees. Eventually you pull up to a huge stone mansion with lush green grass as far as the eye can see in all directions.  Your date takes you inside, walks you across cherry wood floors, past delicate antiques and plush furniture to the back patio where about 70 people all sit in a dozen or so hot tubs.  Everyone, of course, is naked.  What’s your next move?

2) You have the choice of having David Letterman chaperone your daughter to her senior prom or having Stevie Wonder paint your living room.  Which do you choose and why…

3) Twenty people are protesting in front of your house. What are they chanting?

4) When Harry Met Sally.  The diner scene.  Could you pull that off?  In public? (applies to male and female)

5) There are but three foods left in the world: Twinkies, avocado and spam.  How long will you last before resorting to cannibalism?

6) Speaking or which, the zombies are on the march.  What skills do you posses that will keep you alive?

7) You’re in the library browsing through the stacks in the far corner when a good-looking stranger catches your eye.  This person walks up to you and says you are the most beautiful/handsome person they have ever seen and will give you $50 if the can lick your feet for five minutes.  OK.  Now what?

8 – Religion is outlawed in favor of personal spirituality.  How will that alter the rest of your life?

Tagees: Lime, Logo, Debster, Snow, L.Dilbert, Diane (GMG), Rip, Mimi


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mm – metal mirth

Best show (young ones), best episode (university challenge), best song montage…best Motorhead song…(even though the camera work is lame…note that during both solos, the camera is focused on the rhythm guitarist instead of the soloist….(go see Amanda for more MM tunage)


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shocking?…not hardly

Spurred by the Rolling Stone “True Blood” cover, and not one to miss an opportunity to sensationalize any trivial matter imaginable, CNN compiled their version of the 10 most SHOCKING magazine covers.  Here’s the link…you be the judge

Shocking doesn’t come close…unusual maybe, in some cases (lampoon and Ali) classic.  But shocking???  Come on…are you kidding me?

Sorry…I have my own definition of shocking (you knew where this was going didn’t you?)

  • A picture of Rush Limbaugh dishing out school lunches to inner city kids on the cover of The National Review.
  • On the cover of Religion & Ethics Monthly, ANY picture of George Bush (Sr or Jr)
  • Joining and being matched with Tipper Gore (or even worse…Al)
  • Watching one’s parents watching porn
  • Finding an issue of Cosmopolitan without any ads/articles on how to lose weight and models that do not look like famine victims.
  • Finding an issue of Playboy without any ads/articles on penis enlargement and models that do not look like famine victims, albeit surgically or Photoshop enhanced famine victims.
  • Intelligent television.
  • Honest politicians.
  • A passing grade in any of Barack Obama’s math classes.
  • Discovering Howard Stern and Ann Coulter are not the same person.

how about you?  what would you find shocking?


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