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and we wonder why we are messed up

It’s the holiday season, a time of peace, love and serenity – a perfect for the kids to come back from school, meet old friends and revel in the togetherness of the season.

Maybe get everyone together and take in one of the latest movies…. (OK these are not pleasant – so don’t watch if you don’t like horror violence blood and guts – but I pulled these of the latest trailers list from apple trailers and IMDB.  And we shake our heads in disbelief at school, mall and public violence – but don’t worry – there’s no direct relationship between violence in the movies and real life.  Because everyone who goes to the movies is just out for a good time and has no social or psychological issues that may be triggered by shit like this.)



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happy father’s day

father's day


June 16, 2013 · 1:02 pm

more parenting horrors

Since I’ve brought up the subject of clueless parenting, let me add some personal experience that re-enforces my belief in a National Parent Fitness Exam, of which the media can create some cutesy acronym like NAPARFEX  or The Dumbass Test.

Last night was the final home game for the Trenton Thunder, the local Yankee AA farm team.  The Mrs. and I bought a six-pack of tickets and this was game six of our package.  The seats were excellent, three rows back from the field in the first base line. I’m not boasting — it’s important to the story.  Well, maybe I am boasting a little.  Anyway…

Last night must have also been Bring Your Child Under Three Years Old Night.  The place was crawling with toddlers.  As we made our way to our seats we noticed a little tow-headed blond guy sitting in one of our seats.  This is not a big deal as the games are rarely sold out and there are always seats around one’s ticketed seats, so we sat in some empty chairs behind the kid and his Mom.

Well, the little kid turned out to be possessed and Mom was one of these in the ozone yuppie Moms who thinks having a rational, calm conversation with a ranting, screaming three-year-old about his feelings is the proper way to go.  Let me give you the highlights.

– The kid had a baseball – a hardball – and kept tossing it in the air and letting it hit the concrete floor.  Amazingly it didn’t land on anybody’s head.  After about half a dozen tosses, Mommy Dearest decides to pick up the ball and hold it.  Little Damian has a fit.  I mean a FIT where he’s landing punches on his mother.  Mom….does not react.  At all.  After about 10 minutes she takes little Farquhar for a walk.  She comes back holding him while he’s munching on a bag of chips.

– The kid discovers the stadium chairs are spring-loaded so the seat part folds up when you stand up.  Now I understand the attraction of a three-year-old to spring action things.  Junior, however, believes he his part of the chair manufacturer testing team and proceeds to stand on the seat, facing backward, and jump up and down slamming the seat into sitting position.  Repeatedly.  Mom…does not react until ten or twelve jumps have occurred at which time she pulls him into her lap and snuggles with him.  This act is repeated about half a dozen times throughout the game.

– The kid, late in the game, is left to wander up and down the rows of people who have left rather than commit homicide.  Keep in mind that we are sitting three rows from the field.  Junior discovers a discarded 48 ounce, hard plastic soda cup left behind, complete with lid and straw.  He pours out what little liquid is left in the cup, then proceeds to hurl the thing as hard as he can…towards the field.  Kid has a good arm.  It lands right next to a Trenton Thunder player in the on-deck circle waiting to hit.  Mom…was cleaning her glasses and missed the whole thing.  The person next to her – may have been her father or husband, just couldn’t tell – kind of sort of saw the glass fly out onto the field and thought maybe Beelzebub was responsible and nudged Mom.  Mom…looked sort of perplexed and made him sit down without a word.

At this point I went to the men’s room – trust me.  This was a good move on my part, for the safety of the other patrons.  I exited the bathroom and saw dad/hubby and clueless mom  dragging a screaming blond dirt bag out of the stadium.  Upon return, the Mrs. informed me that the kid was unsuccessfully performing gymnastic routines on the chairs and kept hitting his head on the concrete.
Me:  Any blood?
Mrs: no
Me: too bad.

The kicker?  Mom looked to be about 7 months pregnant.  So there will be one more psychopathic bully roaming the globe in the near future.


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stupidity on the march – part 247

If you have not heard about this, you probably will.  It seems a lifeguard in florida was fired after saving a drowning man.  The lifeguard was alerted that a man was having trouble in the water outside of the area the lifeguard company – Jeff Ellis and Associates –  was liable to protect, so the guard broke “a company policy” to go save the man’s life. Once the man was whisked off to the hospital, the guard filed a report, as they have to do, and was immediately dismissed.  The company claims it was a liability issue.  So here, once again, we have lawyers and insurance companies dictating, not only company policy, but – literally – who should live and who should die.  Thank god the lifeguard used his BRAIN and COMMON SENSE rather than listening to his management morons.  A college kid in a minimum wage job acting with more brains and courage than the overpaid idiots he works worked for…


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speak no f*$%ing evil

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At best, Massachusetts is a conflicted state.  It just cannot seem to make up its mind where it belongs on the political spectrum.  On the one hand it is unflinchingly liberal, boasting natives such as the Kennedy’s, the celebs hanging out on the Vineyard and, of course, the  fabulous residents of Provincetown.  This is amazing considering the state is home to the most infamous witch trials ever, and now Middleborough Mass has joined the fascist fray with its very own anti-swearing law.  You can be fined $20 for the things you say publicly.  While the constitutionality of this is still being considered, imagine what the next moves would be?  On the plus side, the Police can now hand out $20 tickets to rampaging hate groups like the KKK.  That will surely slow them down.  And why stop at swearing?  How about summonses for folks who say anything deemed to be radically moronic.  Why, the federal budget alone would be balanced in a flash just from the never-ending stream of tickets issued in washington d.c. and most state capitols across the country.  Not to mention the revenue stream that would arise from many school districts.

On the down side, of course, is that I’m sure religious institutions would remain exempt from any such laws and could continue to fan the flames of ignorance, fear and hatred.  Tickets to rock concerts and stand-up comedy clubs would have to enforce at $20 surcharge per ticket to cover the cost slapped on the owners by the speak-police.


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bullshit on a stick in DC

As of July 1, 2012, Federal student loan rates, now set at 3.4%, are set to double.  I assume that means 6.8% but I have yet to see a number reported and given the math skills exhibited in Washington for the past thirty years, the new rate could be anything from 3.45% to 6000%.

This creates an additional burden on those receiving the loans.  Granted.

The members of Congress are busy throwing dog turds at each other, not because they are fighting over the rate – both Democrats and Republicans want to keep the rate at 3.4% – but they are fighting on how to fund the additional 6 billion-with-a-B it will cost to fund keeping the rates low.

Think about that for a second.

It’s going to COST six billion dollars to loan money out….at whatever rate…and have it repaid with that the lender makes money.  Unless economics has taken a severe dogleg to the left into the primeval forest, that’s the way loans are supposed to work aren’t they?  It’s not supposed to cost anybody anything expect the person paying BACK the loan.

So how, in God’s name, will lending money COST money??? BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE THE FUCKING MONEY TO BEGIN WITH!  They are lending money they don’t have.  Period.  How so unlike our government. I am amazed.

The Republicans want to cover the 6 bil by cutting preventative health care funds.  The Democrats want to screw small business by cutting their tax benefits to cover the tab.  Stupidity reigns on both sides of the aisle.

But hold on, cooper, I hear you say.  How are kids going to cope in the global geopolitical economy if they don’t go to $50K a year universities…familes can’t afford that.  The kids can’t afford to come out of four years of school with 200K in debt over their heads.  And I would agree with you.  I guess the kids are going to have to go to a 10-15K a year state college.  There is no constitutional amendment entitling every child to go to Princeton, Bucknell or Penn State. We might as well just turn these schools over to the only people who can afford to go which are scholarship winning athletes and let pro sports pick up the tab for their (cough) education.  They seem to have endless supplies of money to spend on scummy creeps like Cole Hamels, Michael Vick, and Pacman Jones.


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Martin Luther King, Jr.
(January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)


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