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Merry Christmas, A**hole

For Christmas this year, I was attacked.  No, not physically – electronically.

Screaming-Dream-meaningI have not been posting much here; a victim of social media overload and submitting to the pressures of life in Zuckerbergland. Nevertheless, After posting my tax piece a few days ago (which may be just coincidental, granted) I received some fairly vicious comments on the 25th – anonymously of course.

But not only here; I received some fairly obnoxious emails in my personal mailbox.  Again, possibly coincidental, but two coincidences on the same day is not, well, coincidental.

I guess someone got coal in their stocking Christmas morning and needed to lash out.

It’s all Trump’s fault.




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and we wonder why we are messed up

It’s the holiday season, a time of peace, love and serenity – a perfect for the kids to come back from school, meet old friends and revel in the togetherness of the season.

Maybe get everyone together and take in one of the latest movies…. (OK these are not pleasant – so don’t watch if you don’t like horror violence blood and guts – but I pulled these of the latest trailers list from apple trailers and IMDB.  And we shake our heads in disbelief at school, mall and public violence – but don’t worry – there’s no direct relationship between violence in the movies and real life.  Because everyone who goes to the movies is just out for a good time and has no social or psychological issues that may be triggered by shit like this.)


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linked from Life Is Too Short – outstanding clip from Michael Pritchard- compassion – passion for a comrade – it’s getting lost….

How many stories in the news – tv, radio, internet or paper – are about compassion?  One out of every…what…20?  30?  If that.

How many video games are about compassion?

How much compassion do you show your kids?

Hom much compassion do we show the elderly?

It has to start early….


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way out there

AlisonSteeleIf you grew up in the 60’s and 70’s in the New York metro area, and were tuned into music at all, then you listened to WNEW-FM, 102.7.  the mother of east coast progressive radio.  FM radio was a relatively new thing in the 60s, at least in the public ear, and WNEW was in the forefront of trying new stuff..until someone figured out there was money to be made then it all went downhill from there.

As an NEW fan you had to be well acquainted with the sultry voice of the late Allison Steele -The Nightbird.  Many a night I would sit in the basement, turn on the blacklight and the lava lamp while relaxing on the pillows on the floor with Allison speaking to me through the Radio Shack stereo.  So suburban 60’s.

From time to time she would do a “Space Set” – music perfect for tripping or getting stoned.  Music like Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra from 2001 or anything by Tangerine Dream.  A staple, tho, was a thing called Space Hymn by Lothar and The Hand People.  This was a song that could not be bought at any price as the album had long gone out of print – and people clamored for it.  I know.  I worked in a record store and we’d get constant requests for it.  Me, being the tech-geek-youth I was, decided to make a tape of the song off one of her broadcasts.  I tripped (no pun intended) over it yesterday while rifling through a box of old cassettes (surprised it wasn’t an 8-track).  Gotta be 40 years old or so.

I’ve copied it on my computer in digital form and was going to post it, but checked just for the hell of it, and sure enough, someone had posted it on YouTube.  That’s ok.  My version has the voice of Ms. Steele outro-ing the song. So there.  And she had a smokin’ voice.

Anyway, I thought i’d post the YouTube version here.  Now remember, this was the late-60’s – long before  synthesizer was a popular word in the music lexicon, long before EST, long before ambient music, long before psychotherapy became a major industry and guided meditation was a career goal.  So it may not seem like a big deal now but back then…it was far out.

One note – the clip below runs 10 minutes – the song is only 7 minutes.  you can skip the 3 minutes of silence at the end – unless you’re too blissed out to care. Right on.


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it’s a pink shirt. period.

My working wardrobe consists mostly of button down shirts. I know – it’s a conservative thing but that’s the way i roll to work. And we’re talking basic color schemes here. White, blue, blue stripe, green stripe…….
…..and pink.
Now I have always had a pink shirt in the work ensemble. One, because I like it. Two, it’s a good color for me (unlike orange which washes me right out…another reason to stay un-incarcerated – those jumpsuits would make me paler than ivory snow at the north pole).

So I was somewhat miffed during the most recent pink shirt wearing day when an, albeit well-meaning, woman at work walked up to me and said, “Ah. Supporting breast cancer.”

No. I’m not. I’m wearing a pink shirt. period. This is not to say I don’t support the breast cancer awareness effort. On the contrary – I think it’s a good and righteous thing. But does it now mean that ANYTHING pink is supporting breast cancer awareness? What if I have pink grapefruit for breakfast? Was Elvis’s Cadillac an early symbol? What about pinking shears? Little Pink Houses? Pink pedal pushers? And what about Pink Floyd??? Huh?????

What if black became the color for supporting testicular cancer awareness? Women all over the globe would have closets full of testicular cancer awareness clothing. How would that look? Walking up to some woman wearing a fashionable black number and saying..”Ahh, Testicular cancer! Good for you.”

Will someone let me know what the boundaries are here, please? I certainly can no longer look to the NFL for help…


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speak no f*$%ing evil

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At best, Massachusetts is a conflicted state.  It just cannot seem to make up its mind where it belongs on the political spectrum.  On the one hand it is unflinchingly liberal, boasting natives such as the Kennedy’s, the celebs hanging out on the Vineyard and, of course, the  fabulous residents of Provincetown.  This is amazing considering the state is home to the most infamous witch trials ever, and now Middleborough Mass has joined the fascist fray with its very own anti-swearing law.  You can be fined $20 for the things you say publicly.  While the constitutionality of this is still being considered, imagine what the next moves would be?  On the plus side, the Police can now hand out $20 tickets to rampaging hate groups like the KKK.  That will surely slow them down.  And why stop at swearing?  How about summonses for folks who say anything deemed to be radically moronic.  Why, the federal budget alone would be balanced in a flash just from the never-ending stream of tickets issued in washington d.c. and most state capitols across the country.  Not to mention the revenue stream that would arise from many school districts.

On the down side, of course, is that I’m sure religious institutions would remain exempt from any such laws and could continue to fan the flames of ignorance, fear and hatred.  Tickets to rock concerts and stand-up comedy clubs would have to enforce at $20 surcharge per ticket to cover the cost slapped on the owners by the speak-police.


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