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What has happened to Apple???

Jesus.  I switched from windows to OS X years ago because of reliability and OS excellence.  Now, on top of getting as many security updates as windows, every single release has dumb glitches.   Additionally, trying to get help has become a PITA.

Example – new 12.5 version of iTunes for iMac.  The shuffle buttons won’t appear, even if turning shuffle on and off in the controls menu and restarting the app.  So I head for the community boards to see if this is a widespread issue, and I get…



It’s a small detail I know, but avoiding this type of runaround is why I switched in the first place – it rarely happened because the software releases were largely bug-free and coded to a higher standard than windows could ever achieve. Disappointed.


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wawa’s getting sloppy

WawaLogoIf there was a 12-step group for people who over-frequent WaWa – I would be part of it.  For those not in DE, NJ, PA, WaWa is a convenience store that grew out of a family dairy farm in PA.  A few years ago they started making sandwiches – pretty decent ones too, for the price (cheap).  So at least twice a week, I get a sandwich and a coke.  Lately tho, they’ve been screwing up my order – leaving items out – which I never realize until I get home and it’s too late to complain about it.  Usually not a monumental deal – just annoying.  Over the past month, I have noticed a significant reduction in the amount of main items – less turkey, tuna etc.  This seems to be happening at all the stores (trust me – i know where every WaWa is within 20 miles – like I said.  12-step group.) .  Not happy about this.

I wonder what WaWa withdrawal symptoms are?  And I’m more concerned for my car than myself.  My car knows where to go – if not by repetition than by need – many of the WaWa locations, especially the new ones are gas outlets as well.Wawa_Dairy_Farms

During the holidays, we did some traveling in southeast PA.  We got turned around and ended driving past the original Wood Family farm that is now the WaWa Dairy Farm.  I felt like I had journeyed to the promised land.  Forget Jesus in the manger, this was the real thing.

We also passed the “corporate headquarters” –

Wawa_Red_RoofKinda quaint, huh?


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gas lines – the new look

Here we have a gas line.  Yes, those are people.  People armed with gas cans.  People who still have no power in their homes and are living via gas-powered generators.  Or people who have run out of gas and abandoned their cars in order to buy a gas can from the hardware store and walk to the gas station to get back to their cars before it gets towed, stripped or worse. I was one of these folks today as I did not plan well and drove into work thinking I’d have enough to get me home.  Was not to be.  Fortunately the mrs. had a good friend who donated a full 5 gallon can to the cause (that, in my book, is the type of person I want to be).

I find it fascinating that in a two-mile stretch there are four gas stations and three fast food joints and a diner – all with power.  Wendy’s, McDonald’s, KFC and the local diner all seem able to get food trucked in but the gas companies, the most profitable and richest companies on the planet, can’t scrape it together to supply gas.  Go figure.


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at war with google

this is one of those things that the more I investigate it the less sense it makes.

I, obviously, am a wordpress blogger.  Many good and fine folks blog using Blogger, as I once did.  There is a service available to Blogger bloggers (blogger squared???) that stops the internet morons who think it is a good idea to spam comments on blogs as a sales tool.  The service is called reCaptcha and forces commenters to type a sequence of letters in the reCaptcha box in order for the comment to get to the blog.

Over the past couple months I have been unable to leave comments with my Blogger friends as the reCaptcha verification never recognizes the letters I type, even when I’m 1000% they match.  Using an iMac with a Safari browser I tried using Firefox.  No soap.  I went to a Windows environment and tried using IE.  No such luck.  I’ve sent three trouble tickets to reCaptcha about this problem, yet it persists.

Today I tracked down the reCaptcha site and guess what…it’s owned by Google.  Well, wait a minute….Blogger is owned by Google.  So, two pieces of software owned by the same company only work for users of their software???  Doesn’t sound very socially enlightening to me, in this world of social connections.

So, my apologies to those of my Blogger blogger friends.  I’m really am reading your posts, but Google has more important things to do than make sure the software they offer actually works, like making cutesy logos for their home page.


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dear comcast customer…

Here’s your customer service…..bend over

You know those comcast commercials where all their customer service reps tell you how efficient and customer focused their service is and how they won’t rest unless each customer is 100% satisfied…


So, we have high-speed internet and cable TV from comcast and there are about 5 cable stations where reception has started getting unwatchable, as if I had a dish and there was a persistent hailstorm with 70 mph winds.  All I see is a digital jigsaw puzzle and hear about every tenth word.  These 5 stations just happen to be ones we watch when the TV is on…Food Network, Weather Channel, TV Land…why couldn’t this happen to a useless station…like MTV.  So yesterday I call 1-800-comcast.  After ten minutes of telling me my account balance, they ask for phone number, ssn and sperm count and after pressing a dozen more phone prompts I’m told there was a 21 minute wait.  NFW.  I call again today and after the same rigmarole I’m told there is a 26 minute wait but I should try to talk to a service rep.

Fine…I get on the computer and start a comcast tech chat session.  The tech’s name is Cherry Lou.  Are you kidding me?  I spend an hour going through explaining the problem and going with their standard-microsoft the cable box.  No change.  OK, so Cherry gets serious and wants to bring up my account (like that is going to solve this problem?) and I provide the same information I used on the phone to sign me in thru the IVR.

Only now it doesn’t work.  Cherry cannot validate my account on his/her (I really don’t know) system.  This is using the same information that I was able to validate on the phone with the same fucking company!!!!!!

Fine.  I give Verizon a call since comcast really doesn’t appear to want my service all that badly.

Now those of you who are regular readers of this mess may recall a post about two years ago detailing my legendary battle with Verizon over their high-speed internet service.  You can see this coming can’t you?  I get a Verizon Tech on the chat named Anne…ok this is a good sign.  Anne I can deal with instead of a bizarre kool-aid flavor.  We go through some preliminary steps and sure enough I can get FIOS……but I can’t get internet service.  The same internet service I had a year and a half ago.  Apparently Verizon is at capacity in my area now but i could get on a waiting list if I wanted.

As Lewis Black would say….ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME ???


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did i miss something?

keep me honest here.

I replaced the lock on the front door using hardware from what I consider to be a reputable company, Schlage.  A marketing factoid appears on the packaging of said lock…thus:

“Easy 3-step installation”.  That is what is printed there in english and spanish, correct?  (Actually the spanish could read “your mother sucks 3 new york knicks” for all I know.  I’m taking the translation on faith here).  They are even kind enough to inform me that this 3-step installation takes 5 minutes!  That’s for me.  The less work the better.

I rush home, giddy with anticipation that my glistening new doorknob will be shining in the sun in a mere five minutes of unpacking the hardware.  I will be the envy of the neighborhood easy as (and literally as) 1 – 2 – 3.

I tear into the package without slashing a main artery (those thick plastic wrappers can be murder), look at my new bauble winking joyfully at me and grab a sheet of paper from within the packing thinking, “Hah.  All this paper for three steps.  The print must be large.”

So here, for your inspection, are the instructions for my three-step installation…

but, oh, there is more….

5 minutes?  it took me 15 to read it all and that doesn’t include the mile of small print at the end.

3 steps?  Last time I checked three came after two and preceded four.  That last step has a one and a zero, which for my money always symbolized “ten”.



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abhorrent customer service, thy name is verizon

judging by the comments that were left almost no one will remember this adventure six months ago when, in my shining armor, i attempted to slay the corporate beast known as verizon.  well, that’s a bit much.  all i wanted was my crummy DSL service to work properly.  after many phone calls and several days frustration the issue was remedied.

so i thought.

as  a side note, let me point out that this rant is aimed at verizon corporate, not verizon wireless.  verizon corporate (which semi owns wireless now anyway in order to keep the whole operation from tanking as they have held onto dying technology – land lines, pay phones – far too long and have not scored very well on internet service – which i can attest to –  or tv service – which many others can attest to. I cannot as fios is not available in my densely populated neck of the woods) has been losing $$$ hand over fist for quite some time.


so six months down the road from the previous fix, and i’m being generous with the time frame here, the dsl starts doing the same nonsense it did before, dropping the connection every two or so hours requiring a reboot of the modem each time.  the very same $90 modem i had to buy december 2009 from said corporate gulag.  Here we go again.  I call on tuesday, go through the fifteen minutes of voice prompt selections and never-ending propoganda in my ear telling me all my problems can be solved on their website (that is if i could get to it, you idiot) to speak with a lovely gentleman who did all his line testing and came to the conclusion that a tech needed to visit my house.  again.  we scheduled an appointment for 8am to noon on friday.  the tech would call me from their central office, run additional tests and if the problem persisted he would visit my house. fine.

fast forward to friday.  8am, 9am, 10am…no phone call.  2pm, 3pm…not a word.  at 4:30pm the tech putz calls just to make sure my dsl service has been restored.  how can it restored, numb nuts, no one has called me or been here!  he seemed surprised that things were not hunky-dorey. he runs another battery of tests and sure enough, he needs to come to the house to make the fix…but not today, of course.  he offers the choice of 1pm to 5pm on saturday or the same hours on sunday.  I pick saturday, explicitly stating sunday will not work.  fine.  he’ll call when he’s on his way, confirming some time between 1pm and 5pm saturday.

it’s now 2am sunday morning and not a single word from these bozos.

in this country of free market competition (hack, cough, gasp), my sole alternative for internet service is the local cable conglomerate where it will run me $300 – $400 in set up costs to switch over, including the purchase of yet another different router box.

since he invented this shit, can i send the bill to al gore???


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