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did i really?

pussycatMix057Doing a bit of housecleaning -leafing through a pile of old – we’re talkin’ old here – recipe magazines, pulling out the one or two things that may be worth giving a go.  I did pass on some old-time standards – anything involving olive loaf and cream cheese, and any food in a jello mold.  I did find this ad, tho, and it sparked a memory for me – i used to drink this stuff. When I was 18-21 the drinking age in jersey was 18.  And this nasty thing was my drink of choice.  Gad.  I’m surprised it didn’t kill my taste for bourbon completely.  Bourbon and Tang is what this concoction essentially came down to – and if mixed in the blender produced a frothy white head.  Ugh.  Thank god I grew up.  Well, at least when it comes to alcohol anyway.



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wawa’s getting sloppy

WawaLogoIf there was a 12-step group for people who over-frequent WaWa – I would be part of it.  For those not in DE, NJ, PA, WaWa is a convenience store that grew out of a family dairy farm in PA.  A few years ago they started making sandwiches – pretty decent ones too, for the price (cheap).  So at least twice a week, I get a sandwich and a coke.  Lately tho, they’ve been screwing up my order – leaving items out – which I never realize until I get home and it’s too late to complain about it.  Usually not a monumental deal – just annoying.  Over the past month, I have noticed a significant reduction in the amount of main items – less turkey, tuna etc.  This seems to be happening at all the stores (trust me – i know where every WaWa is within 20 miles – like I said.  12-step group.) .  Not happy about this.

I wonder what WaWa withdrawal symptoms are?  And I’m more concerned for my car than myself.  My car knows where to go – if not by repetition than by need – many of the WaWa locations, especially the new ones are gas outlets as well.Wawa_Dairy_Farms

During the holidays, we did some traveling in southeast PA.  We got turned around and ended driving past the original Wood Family farm that is now the WaWa Dairy Farm.  I felt like I had journeyed to the promised land.  Forget Jesus in the manger, this was the real thing.

We also passed the “corporate headquarters” –

Wawa_Red_RoofKinda quaint, huh?


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anatomy of a brownie

so i made some brownies the other night….thought I’d share…


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a word about false eyelashes…



Unless you are saving them for Halloween and plan on dressing like a porn star…

Just…you know….


As an incentive, here are some Twix Brownies I whipped up over the weekend…my famous scratch brownies with chopped up Twix bars mixed in….



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my oscars



February 25, 2013 · 10:11 pm

rotten tomatoes

Between the Grammy huckstering and all the Pontiff pontification, you may have missed this little item – the US and Mexico have cut a trade deal where the price of imported tomatoes will double, and the case of some speciality tomatoes like cherries, the price will soar higher.  The official line is that this will “avert a trade war by halting the re-instigation of anti-dumping investigations.”

Fine.  What it means is that Obama’s Commerce Department has yet again stuck it to the middle class with higher food costs at the expense of making a very very important voting tomatoesblock in Florida of wealthy tomato growers very happy.  And rich.

To quote (either the New York Times or Wall Street Journal – so this comes from both sides of the spin fence):

The Cato Institute’s Daniel Ikenson estimates that winter tomato prices could rise from 41% to 168%, and summer prices 47% to 176%. Specialty tomatoes, such as grape, cherry or heirloom varieties, will see the biggest increases.

In essence, the US has agreed to let Mexico increase the minimum price they charge for tomatoes, called the “price floor”.  I don’t know why it’s called that.  I’m sure some accounting MBA thought it up in order to make it sound important. It’s a minimum price.
Another little sideline – Mexico employes about 350,000 workers in the tomato industry.  I’m sure a few of those folk will be seeing pink slips now that quantity is no longer the issue.

Here is the solution proposed by one blog commenter from California:

How about we all( Mexican And US growers) stop growing so many tomatoes. Let a market be a real market and we wont have to worry minimums.

Yeah. Great.

And from an article in Forbes:

Not only will consumers pay more for foreign and domestically grown tomatoes at the grocery store and for salads and hamburgers at restaurants, but the new price-floor terms provide a strong indication that the specter of uncertainty associated with antidumping administration provides the necessary leverage to induce foreign producers into pricing schemes indistinguishable from collusion and price-fixing.

Get those tomatoes planted early this year….


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starting the year off right with….




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