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choose what you believe

now to be fair – I don’t know who “Not Frantz Fanon” is, what his/her/their agenda is or why hide behind the image of a revolutionary leader who died over 50 years ago.  If you are going to propagandize the right (who certainly deserve it in this case if these quotes are all accurate), at least have the balls to be up-front about who you are.

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way out there

AlisonSteeleIf you grew up in the 60’s and 70’s in the New York metro area, and were tuned into music at all, then you listened to WNEW-FM, 102.7.  the mother of east coast progressive radio.  FM radio was a relatively new thing in the 60s, at least in the public ear, and WNEW was in the forefront of trying new stuff..until someone figured out there was money to be made then it all went downhill from there.

As an NEW fan you had to be well acquainted with the sultry voice of the late Allison Steele -The Nightbird.  Many a night I would sit in the basement, turn on the blacklight and the lava lamp while relaxing on the pillows on the floor with Allison speaking to me through the Radio Shack stereo.  So suburban 60’s.

From time to time she would do a “Space Set” – music perfect for tripping or getting stoned.  Music like Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra from 2001 or anything by Tangerine Dream.  A staple, tho, was a thing called Space Hymn by Lothar and The Hand People.  This was a song that could not be bought at any price as the album had long gone out of print – and people clamored for it.  I know.  I worked in a record store and we’d get constant requests for it.  Me, being the tech-geek-youth I was, decided to make a tape of the song off one of her broadcasts.  I tripped (no pun intended) over it yesterday while rifling through a box of old cassettes (surprised it wasn’t an 8-track).  Gotta be 40 years old or so.

I’ve copied it on my computer in digital form and was going to post it, but checked just for the hell of it, and sure enough, someone had posted it on YouTube.  That’s ok.  My version has the voice of Ms. Steele outro-ing the song. So there.  And she had a smokin’ voice.

Anyway, I thought i’d post the YouTube version here.  Now remember, this was the late-60’s – long before  synthesizer was a popular word in the music lexicon, long before EST, long before ambient music, long before psychotherapy became a major industry and guided meditation was a career goal.  So it may not seem like a big deal now but back then…it was far out.

One note – the clip below runs 10 minutes – the song is only 7 minutes.  you can skip the 3 minutes of silence at the end – unless you’re too blissed out to care. Right on.


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happy easter


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print is dead

Now that the Oxford English Dictionary and Encyclopedia Brittanica will no longer be printed, I have a list of other works that I believe can be spared further use of the tree-choppers chainsaw:

The Twilight series – this should have been online all along as Cullen-ites are an exceptionally twittering and facebooky type. (except for all the thirty-something moms who swooned moistly over the glittery vamp.  for them we may have to keep a Cliff Notes version)

All Sandra Lee Cookbooks – I want to see her eat (and keep down) all her recipes and maintain that 0% body fat.  Good luck with that.

All Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly books – these make me consider fascism as a viable alternative.  especially the book-burning thang.  Which they both should appreciate.

Principles/Essentials of Economics textbooks – this must be stopped before other young minds are ruined.

Any book written by a politician of either party.  We have enough toilet paper, thanx.

Celebrity Biographies – Just stop.  Now.


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at war with google

this is one of those things that the more I investigate it the less sense it makes.

I, obviously, am a wordpress blogger.  Many good and fine folks blog using Blogger, as I once did.  There is a service available to Blogger bloggers (blogger squared???) that stops the internet morons who think it is a good idea to spam comments on blogs as a sales tool.  The service is called reCaptcha and forces commenters to type a sequence of letters in the reCaptcha box in order for the comment to get to the blog.

Over the past couple months I have been unable to leave comments with my Blogger friends as the reCaptcha verification never recognizes the letters I type, even when I’m 1000% they match.  Using an iMac with a Safari browser I tried using Firefox.  No soap.  I went to a Windows environment and tried using IE.  No such luck.  I’ve sent three trouble tickets to reCaptcha about this problem, yet it persists.

Today I tracked down the reCaptcha site and guess what…it’s owned by Google.  Well, wait a minute….Blogger is owned by Google.  So, two pieces of software owned by the same company only work for users of their software???  Doesn’t sound very socially enlightening to me, in this world of social connections.

So, my apologies to those of my Blogger blogger friends.  I’m really am reading your posts, but Google has more important things to do than make sure the software they offer actually works, like making cutesy logos for their home page.


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life’s little mysteries

when did taking a healthy crap become big business?  I see one more commercial telling me yogurt, pills, drinks or cereal will “keep my digestive track balanced” and I’m going to start

"can I talk to you about your colon?" "NO!!! Now piss off."

squatting in those respective aisles in the supermarket.  jamie lee curtis started all this nonsense with her damn yogurt commercials.  Remember when eating yogurt would increase your lifespan into the hundreds? I guess new research has shown that not to be the case but it does allow women to keep their colons flowing as they should.  If I remember correctly it was an early SNL sketch with Phil Hartman that touted the advantages of eating a cereal named Colon-Blow.  Or was that Python?  No, Python was Ano-Weet in the Most Disgusting Family competition.

and while we’re on the subject of ridiculous, this is what Yahoo listed this evening as their top headlines under “World News”, not US…but World…

  • Mysterious ‘Winged’ Structure from Ancient Rome Discovered
  • Kate Middleton’s Mustique Vacation Is Royal Pain for Other Guests
  • Pa. woman hosted ‘kegger’ before 3 teens crashed
  • Seal, Heidi Klum announce separation
  • Strongest solar storm since 2005 hitting Earth
  • ‘The Office’ actor Rainn Wilson finally admits he looks like Newt Gingrich

These are the stories that delve into the most important issues facing the world today.


the late phil hartman


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go figure


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