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things i boycott

the point of this is not to get you to boycott these things.  honestly.  i was just thinking that over the years I have collected a tiny list of things that, for one reason or another, i have decided to boycott until such time someone gives me a damn good reason not to.

So…in no particular order:

Exxon – have  not pulled up to an exxon pump since the valdez incident

Mobil – have not spent a penny on mobil products since they merged with exxon.  this one is rather easy as all the mobil stations around here have been closed anyway.

BP – they were on the border after the arrogance shown during the Alaska debacle.  The Gulf tragedy pushed them over the edge.

Aruba – not until some justice is served in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

Bekins Van Lines – these guys did everything short of bending me over a sink and re-enacting the Sisters scene from Shawshank Redemption.

Denon – my very first CD player was a Denon.  After 18 months it stopped working.  After several phone calls to their customer service department I received a letter that basically said “shit breaks.  not our problem”.  Never again.

It is possible to be redeemed from this list.  Ford used to be on it, but I’ve heard some good things over the past few years so it’s not a strict blockade.  I’ve found myself salivating over the convertible Mustang lately.  We’ll see.  Actually Chrysler is running neck and neck.  It’s still going to take a lot for me to plunk down that kind of cash for either of their vehicles.

AmericanIdolDancingWithTheStarsLostSurvivorBachelorBachelorette etc etc etc – you couldn’t pay me enough to endure it.





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the other side

You can’t peruse YouTube  without tripping over one of the countless videos of surprise reunions of returning men and women from recent tours of duty.  Of course they are moving, especially the ones where kids welcome mommy or daddy home.

But what about the people who will never get a reunion?  And what do their kids feel like?  We never see and videos about that do we?  What about the families ripped apart because a son or daughter is not coming home. We just send young men and women to die on foreign soil so companies like Halliburton can make billions “democratizing” these nations.  So we never get to see the man or woman, father, mother, husband, wife left alone because their son,daughter or spouse is not coming home.  Do we just say “I’m sorry” and hope it all goes away? Where is their joy going to come from?

It’s the morning
Soon, he’ll rise
Finds the glasses for his eyes
Aren’t what they used to be
Picks up the clothes
He’s worn so long
On the bureau sits
The picture of a lady
And the mural of a man
Whose been gone for many years

Listening to the children play
Reminds him of the days
Many years ago
Thoughts of a child
That he helped grow
And memory of a letter
Saying, dear Sir
We regret to inform you
Your son will not be coming home

Old man, tell me are there fears
Do you measure life in years
Or is one day all you’ll ever know

The old man walks in Echo Park
From bench to bench he moves
From morning til dark
For the ducks
Some bread he brings
Wonder if he’ll feed them
This time next spring

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It angers me how our government – all parties included – so blithely send our troops to foreign lands to protect corporate business interests and conveniently ignore them when they return…like so much wrung-out articles on commerce. Our veterans have observed unimaginable horrors, leaving deep emotional scars and psychological trauma.  And after we’ve trained them to be killing machines and expose them to their friends and comrades being, literally, torn to pieces in front of their eyes, seeing their friends turned into a mass of blood and chewed up organs, listening to them scream for death to take them – we expect them to come back to the land of false advertising and proselytized bullshit and live normal lives.  Only the soulless believe war is something to be glorified..and marched into under the blind flag waving of patriotic manure.

I long for the day when our Military is used for the purpose in which it was intended and represents the branch of the government they fall under…  The Department of DEFENSE – defending the people and lands of the United States. Period.

The men and women who serve deserve better than what the government dishes out – they should be revered and honored for the rest of their lives – and not just twice a year when the memorial and veteran’s day tributes are trotted out.  I would support any legislation that requires:

1) only the people who will actually fight the war deciding whether to go to war or not.


2) The members of the house and senate who vote to involve the US in conflict on foreign soil will send their children, grandchildren, themselves as the first line of attack.


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i hear them laughing…

All appearances of subtlety have faded away.  No more sneaking up in small steps, no more slight degrees of inflicted pain.  All that is gone.  Gas prices jumped ten cents overnight.  Ten cents.  I want some oil company flunkee to show me how their production costs jumped, overnight, to such a degree that a ten-cent increase in the final product is justified.  That person will have a tough time convincing me that it’s not based solely on keeping their obscene profit percentage afloat.  I understand the whole gas futures thing, and even though I think that is bogus as well, this goes beyond that.  I hear them laughing all the way to their chauffeur driven, company subsidized Hummers.


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I’ve been holding off on this for some time thinking that one more rant on the blog-o-thingy won’t do anybody any good, but then, as someone wiser and more worldly than I once said, joke ’em if they can’t take a FF at a rolling donut.

This whole idea of hitting up the rich with higher taxes to help us in our “time of crisis”.  Originally I was dead set against this as in my mind it destroys the incentive for people to get rich, at least in the US.  It may have the effect of sending some of our best thinkers packing.  I realize that not all rich people are geniuses no matter what Ayn Rand thinks, in fact a portion of them are downright criminal scum, as we’ve seen.  But then a portion of any group of people can be tagged criminal scum.

Now, however, I have slightly revised my position:  the government wants to tax the rich?  Fine, but not until the government becomes fiscally stable and responsible, otherwise it’s throwing good money after mine.  Let’s face it, given the current financial state of our government, taxing the rich is little more than a bailout of The Government, a group of people who dealt bailouts like community chest awards.  If the books are balanced, the debt depleted and the US still finds itself in economics straits, then fine, ask those that have some for a little help, not through social guilt or false patriotism but with a sound financial plan in hand earmarking how the money will be used, the benefits, and the anticipated results.

Let’s say you walked into a bank just having maxed out a dozen 50K limit credit cards and said to Mr. or Ms. Loan Officer, “You know, I just maxed out here and you folks have a lot of cash, why not give me some to see if I can work my way out of trouble here?”  Your face would be scraping the sidewalk before you took another breath.  Doesn’t make sense.  You better walk in the bank with all sorts of collateral and some sort of solid recovery plan that doesn’t rely on pie in the sky ideals and mirrors.

And bullshit.

Okay.  Let’s move on to the OWS gang, those randy folk hanging around Zuccotti Park in New York and dozens of other places around the world.  I understand the frustration, but you’re only barking up 25% of the right tree.  I’d rather see a massive gathering on the steps of Congress – these are the legal dummos that have butchered the middle class for so long with their infantile finger-pointing and sleazy back room deals, creating presumptive strikes via earmarks that have wasted the taxpayers money. What has politics become but bi-partisan jousting of the kindergarten kind without any sense of real direction from either party.


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a request for washington to grow up and play nice…

…but it will never happen.

There are few people whose level of cynicism matches mine concerning ALL the chuckleheads in Washington DC. And there are…no exceptions. Democrat, Republican…they’re all cut from the same tattered cloth of stupidity. Nor, as you may well know if you’ve endured my many obnoxious rants on this bizarre blog, am I a fan of the media. Conservative, Liberal…they all function as entertainment in lust for the almighty dollar. And that goes for media on the internet as well as the idiot box.

I will make an exception today, however, for Matt Welch’s op-ed piece on Arnold bashing aside he has captured what I believe to be popular frustration concerning the DC Dumb-asses and is worth a read.

If I may quote a couple lines….

The country is out of money at every level, with entitlements and debt service alone poised to swallow the federal budget whole within a decade or two…

Obama’s 10-year budget proposal this year — with its best-case projections of debt climbing to 77 percent of gross domestic product by 2020 — was final proof that the candidate who ran on enacting a “net spending cut,” whose first budget was arrogantly (and inaccurately) titled “An Era of New Responsibility: Renewing America’s Promises,” is the most fiscally irresponsible president in at least a generation. Considering how bad his predecessor was, that’s no small feat.

Instead of winning arguments, budget hawks will be trying to win press conferences. Instead of tackling reform, they’ll be trying to tackle the buffoon on the other side of the cage.


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so what happens then???

here we are at war number 3.  what happens when we run out of countries to bomb?  maybe, just maybe the military industrial complex will crumble taking the last vestiges of this phony economy with it, creating widespread poverty and homelessness until the destitute masses finally rise up out of their TV chairs, now smoldering in the ashes, and attack the wealthy federal reserve bank heads and G5, 10, 15, 20 connivers that control all the wealth.  there won’t be a police state, just a small clique of stormtroopers to protect the greedy…eventually they will crumble but not until blood runs red in the streets.

have a nice day


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