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Five reasons why we WON’T miss “Regis”

1) We’ll more than likely continue to be bombarded with cutesy asinine TD bank commercials.

2) Kelly Rippa

3) Regis Philbin

4) Televison will continue to copy a winning format rather than try something new regardless of the empty suit and skirt picked to host morning talk shows.

5)  Kelly Rippa



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Top 5 on Friday

From the Mistress….

Top 5 albums you would buy right now if you had the money

1. King Crimson 40th Anniversary Boxed Set – Crimson boxed sets pop-up more often than….um….something that pops up a lot.  This one has the early year stuff which is my preference.


Genesis Boxed set – Vinyl – again the early Peter Gabriel years.


3.  The Marx Bros 4 record set – just for chuckles, and it’s place in history.


4.  Box of (Nick) Danger – Firesign Theatre.  I have the early discs.  what I’d really like to see is a boxed set of the later years (Wrong/Giant Rat/In The Next).  I realize this set is mostly so-so material but that’s ok.

5. Beatles Boxed Set – no home should be without one.


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top 5 from last friday

the possibilities are just too endless….

Top 5 Dream Collaborations

1. Ella Fitzgerald and Trent Reznor

2. Tori Amos and Tiny Tim

3. Lamb of God and The Ice Capades

4. Carly Simon and Donna Summer (MUSIC, cooper…think MUSIC)….

5. Barry Manilow and Yoko Ono – they deserve each other


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frightening friday five

Top 5 album covers that really scare you.

Excuse the alliteration of the title…just trying to be clever…from The Mistress as usual

I can’t say there are any album covers that I consider scary…but there are some that are frightening in other ways…

1. The fact that she had the number one album in the country at ANY time makes my skin crawl….

2.Musical wallpaper paste always makes me gag…

3.Please….make it stop!!!!

4.Certainly gets me into the Christmas spirit listening to the Jewish Elvis do Silent Night…go away please

5. (tie)Amnesty International is investigating these as cruel and unusual punishment…


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top 5 for us old farts

Back when I was a lad, we had these large black platters called “albums” or “LPs”, and if you know what “LP” stands for you’re right here with me.  These albums virtually forced musicians into a 4o minute recording format, separated into two 2o minutes oeuvres that had their own flow and timing with the the context of the full 40 minute experience.  Unlike today, when artists can create close to 80 minutes of stuff on a single disc (and beyond if they go pure digital), musicians had to pick the cream of the crop to be included within the 40 minute presentation.  Judicious editing and and feel for the presentation had to be taken into account.

Thus, there were times when one 20 minute play, or one “album side” was an experience in itself.  Many a radio station created promotions to boost audience share with such tricks such as “Perfect Album Sides” or “Desert Island Disc” or some other cutesy name (having worked in radio for many a year, trust me when I say that originality was not at the forefront of these promotions.  Many a jock/program director would visit different cities to hear what other stations were doing and with fervent hedonism reproduce the promotion verbatim, claiming it as their own).

Given this babbling intro I was thinking back to what I considered to be the perfect album side; a collection of well written, well performed songs lumped together in perfect flow.  Let’s take it for granted that side 2 of Abbey Road would be included.  Additionally I’m avoiding sides encompassing a single piece (In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, Close To The Edge, etc).  Anyway – the five that readily come to mind in no particular order…

Elton John - Tumbleweed Connection1. Side 2 – Tumbleweed Connection – Elton John:  This was EJ at his peak.  Sure he’s had massive commercial success since but this side has nary a flaw.


wainwright2. Side 2 – A Live One – Louden Wainwright: Yes he’s sick and twisted but this is such a fun series of tunes…



jt-aqualung3. Side 2 – Aqualung – Jethro Tull:  I still can’t figure out what Locomotive Breath is all about….



darkside4. Side 1 – Dark Side of The Moon – Pink Floyd:  Really this is perennial given like Abbey Road.



quadrophenia5. Side 3 – Quadrophenia – The Who:  Mostly for Moon’s drumming but Bell Boy is MY song….


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top 5 musical thingys

From The Mistress

Top 5 songs you like to sing along with…

1. Supper’s Ready – Genesis
In college my friend Keith and I majored in figuring out the lyrics to this opus…prayer capsule indeed…

2. The Revealing Science of God – Yes
Spiritual and philospohic hogwash set to music.  Each side of Tales could have been chopped into a 10 minute ditty making a half decent single album.  Rolling Stone’s initial review in 1974 was correct…Tales was just too long.  Even Wakemen couldn’t stand it (he left soon after the Tales tour ended).  Nonetheless, memorizing the opening and closing chants of side 1 was another area of study in college.

3. They’re Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Ha! – Napoleon XIV
Especially while driving with the windows open.

4. Tubular Bells – Mike Oldfield
Go figure…

5. Bohemian Like You – Dandy Warholes
Only because it took me forever to memorize the lyrics…


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Top 5 On Friday

Top 5 “musical” things you’d spend $1000 on

What….only 5??????  From The Mistress

1) Apple server and recording software

2) Recording studio equipment

3) An electronic drumkit & amp

4) A new acoustic/electric guitar

5) Downpayment on a new DW drumkit….


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