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the big tease

no, i’m not taking about any pop singing diva or porn star – and granted there is a fine line showing there – it’s the wonderful spring weather gracing a much snow-battered (and consequently beer-battered) new jersey.  Yes I Shawshank-Redemptionjpgknow the mercury is supposed to plunge again and the forecast is calling for more of the wearisome white stuff for tuesday and wednesday, but yesterday and today were glorious. You know that scene in Shawshank Redemption were Tim Robbins slithers out of the sewer pipe to freedom and then stands there, arms raised, letting the rain wash over him?  Yeah, that kind of weather.  It’s a taste of what is coming – hopefully sooner rather than later.

In other news, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.



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what i lack in personality i make up for in bourbon

I have nothing to say.  Specifically.  It’s been crazy busy work wise for the past two weeks (including weekends) and today marked the culmination of some of my efforts so I can breathe a little tonight.

I know I keep writing about this “book” I’ve written….just hang in there – big news coming very very very very soon.  I can say this – I have learned to appreciate the amount of effort that goes into a book besides actually writing it.  Posting an eBook version is one thing, actually designing the cover and interior is a whole different kettle of wax. (or ball of fish – whichever you prefer).  I have a new respect for book designers.

sunny-day-1And now for something completely different – – things that are unnecessary.  Do we REALLY need to name every single weather event from now on?  It’s a snow storm.  It’s not a hurricane or a typhoon.  Why, all of a sudden do we have to name them?  I think it is totally unfair to name only what people consider “dangerous” weather systems.  Why can’t we name sunny days.  “Sunshine Judy is heading our way on Friday followed by 24 hours of Balmy Dave.  Next week will be a beautiful Milton so head for the beach and take plenty of sunscreen.”   Seriously, what the hell?


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it was a hallmark moment

the tree at palmer square

the tree at palmer square

it was as if hollywood arrived in Princeton…

Each year on christmas eve, the public is invited to Palmer Square to sing carols around the big tree.  It’s a way for the merchants to make a last-minute cash grab (to be cynical about it) and a way for the Yankee Tap room, the bar on Palmer Square, to boost their bar sales as everyone meets there prior to the caroling to tip a few.

A local choral group leads the way as the crowd gathers on the green around the tree and gives their best effort to the standards…jingle bells, frosty the snowman, hark the herald angels sing..etc.  In the past, there was a guy dressed as an 18th century town crier, urging the folks to sing, although he was absent this year.  Also missing was the appearance of Santa at the end of Santa Claus is coming to town.  Dunno why.

Something better lay in store anyway.  The last carol of the night was Silent Night.  Just as everyone stared to sing….it started snowing.  Those soft small flakes swirling around.  The excitement buzzed through the crowd.  The timing could not have been more perfect.  I thought it was a nice present, given everything new jersey and the world have been through the past few months.  Maybe a sign that things will settle down for a while.  Or maybe just a reminder that the beauty of the world is still there amidst all the ugliness we foist on ourselves.  Maybe it was nature saying she was sorry after blasting us with Sandy. In any case, it could not have been more perfect…in sight and in feeling.  And if I can take that sense of calm and beauty with me going forward, maybe 2013 will be just a little bit better.

Merry Christmas.


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..ahhhh.  nothing like summertime and the long anticipated vacation, away from the office stress, away from the routine.  Just time on the beach with a stack of books, spf 12,000 and the appropriate beverage.

…and an earthquake.

…and a hurricane.

…and Spielberg spaceship cloud lightning (actually this was pretty kewl even if a tad spooky).

yessiree bob.  nothing like a good mandatory evacuation to keep one relaxed and let those muscles unwind.  nothing like sitting on the beach in a comfy beach chair immersed in a fascinating piece of writing when your beach chair starts rocking.  by itself.  with no one else touching it.  nothing like all those level-headed Mom’s

keeping their shit together as they scream at their many offspring that a tsunami is on its way and they have to leave the beach immediately.

on balance, however, the weather did cooperate on all the days we were there, even while the mainland had rain we had sun and were wiggling our toes amongst the jellyfish (the friendly kind).  I, naturally, ate my way to good health with some local favorites like bakery crumb cake and strawberry sundaes and certain hop-based quaffs that seemed to add to the overall feeling of separation from the scampering rodents of life.


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mm – brooklyn soul

the heat and humidity took a holiday on saturday leaving behind an outstanding summer day of blue skies, warm sun and cool breezes.  Some friends invited us to join them at Prospect Park in Brooklyn to see Sharon Jones & The Dapkings.  I took some pictures which I will post later, but believe me, the concert kicked ass and if I had to guess there were between twenty and thirty thousand people movin’ to the groovin’; everyone was having a great time.  Here’s some of what we heard…

Visit Amanda for other Musical Monday treats…


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the lights are blinking

I am so glad I have nowhere to go.  Saturdays are meant for sloth anyway (at least in my book) and today Mom is setting the appropriate mood with massive rain and wind.  I can remain in my grub clothes, nestled inside looking out at the yuck, thankful that it is water that cascades into growing tidal pools in the backyard as opposed to its frozen cousin of which I have had more than my share this season.

Did I say rain?  The frogs have broken out the jet-skis and are performing stunts in the temporary lake outside the fence.  Did I say wind?  Dor-THEEEEEEEEEEE.  Shit that sounded like a tree limb hitting the house.  The lights are still shining even though there have been flickering suggestions of power lines gone AWOL.

kill me now

DOG: "Please. Kill Me Now..."

The perfect day to read, write, eat, sleep, rinse, repeat.  Just knowing I have nowhere to go is a beautiful thing.  Did I mention that I have no reason to leave the house?  Even the dog has little desire herself to venture out and appears content to recline sofa-bound with all four legs crossed rather than experience storm squatting.

<<——-Speaking of retarded things people do,  am I the only one getting fed up with these cutesy “party” groups?  The Tea Party, The Coffee Party….each with their own pathetic self-involved axe to grind?  You know what party I would join?  The Jack Daniels Party.  That’s where anyone who wants to hangs out at a local bar all weekend eating sudden heart-attack bar food, getting good and wasted, listening to a great bar band and just generally having a good time as a way to deal with their wage-slave jobs, put some food on the table, pay the rent and hopefully dodge all the horse shit that comes their way from all directions Monday through Friday.

Make mine a double….


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