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What has happened to Apple???

Jesus.  I switched from windows to OS X years ago because of reliability and OS excellence.  Now, on top of getting as many security updates as windows, every single release has dumb glitches.   Additionally, trying to get help has become a PITA.

Example – new 12.5 version of iTunes for iMac.  The shuffle buttons won’t appear, even if turning shuffle on and off in the controls menu and restarting the app.  So I head for the community boards to see if this is a widespread issue, and I get…



It’s a small detail I know, but avoiding this type of runaround is why I switched in the first place – it rarely happened because the software releases were largely bug-free and coded to a higher standard than windows could ever achieve. Disappointed.


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iTunes 11 bah! humbug!

one_bad_apple_10533I’m not happy with iTunes 11.  At All.  Many of the features I used have been swept away with this new version.  I can’t imagine his-Steveness would have been happy either. Not to mention that when you load this new version you have to reauthorize your computer and iPod (at least I had to for the Nano).

If you are using an earlier version of iTunes…stay with it.  11 is a dog.


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qm – have a nice trip…

7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

according to the queen mum: Fall is my favorite time of year. I can think of many wonderful things that just happen to have happened to me in the fall. The birth of my son, the beginning of semesters, new fall clothes, Dona Nobis Pacem in the blogosphere began in the fall….. The season also brings memories of grief and transition. I lost my dad in the fall of 2009. When the air turns to crisp and cool, I think of those last days with him. What does fall remind you of? 

1. What is your favorite fall memory?
Hmm let’s see….school starting…no, no that’s not it.   Summer ending…no I’m way off there.  Massive anxiety attacks…that’s not right neither.  No, no don’t help me..I’ll find something…

2. Have you ever fallen in love in the fall?
Come to think of it, the fall is the only time i’ve fallen in love.  maybe that explains the anxiety attacks.  it does seem strange with the radical changes in technology these days where humans orbit in space stations and cars can park themselves that after a single night’s square dancing I still get these terrible headaches…. 
oh.  sorry about that. 

3. Do you like the current Daylight Savings System when we all “fall back” the clock.
Oh sure.  I love severe vitamin D depletion...

4. Tell us a thing or two you’ve done by a crackling fire? **we won’t tell**
Tossed in gasoline balloons.
Roasted my friend’s sister’s Barbie Dolls.  well, I guess melted is a more accurate description.

5. Have you ever been apple picking?
No.  I bought my iMac over the internet. 

6. Do you like to take a walk and play in the fall leaves?
I prefer to entice others to play in the leaves.  Yeah, that big pile over there.  Right.  The one the dogs like so much…

7. Do you and your family have a special fall tradition in your house?
Every Mischief Night we shrink wrapped our grandparents and sent them to Venezuela for the winter.


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tech times

Apple Stock Soars on Reports Steve Jobs Uses Bathroom

Jobs demonstrating recent bathroom experience

Shares of Apple stock topped 1,000 today sending the NASDAQ soaring above 5,000 for the first time since the tech bubble of the 90’s on reports that Apple CEO Steve Jobs uses the bathroom a minimum of three times a day.  Wall Street nabobs were rendered speechless having, for the first time, to come to terms with the flaws in the tech company head honcho’s god-like status. 

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer held an impromptu press conference this afternoon and while he appeared visibly shaken, he stated that he personally uses the bathroom whenever possible and has done so for years.  When pressed for a response to rumors of a lawsuit against Apple for bathroom use infringement, Ballmer stated that it’s an option he was studying and then excused himself to go take a leak.

While Jobs remained unavailable for comment, Apple released a statement to the press stating they “stood behind Mr. Jobs bathroom usage, at a distance, and that this will have no impact on the future of the company’s direction or any product offerings.”

Rumors have swept through the industry that Apple will soon release a series of bathroom products including iTP, iSoap and iFloss.


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been busy

i have a new toy.  as an apple newbie…i’m in the midst of learning the shortcuts.  but i have to say…there is an overwhelming sense of freedom breaking out of pc/ms land. yes, i know, the future is in iPhone, iPad, iLapDance…whatever.  but i like the big guy.  especially as it fits with my aging eyesight where  anything smaller than 1024 px font is unreadable…


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so what else is new

Lindsey Lohan Being Alone
Is this really the cover issue it appears to be?  Clue #1:  Stop the endless party behavior.  Clue #2: Stop the blow. Clue #3: Get some skillz – the teen thing is over now.  Or am I oversimplifiying the issue here?

Idol Chatter
Please stop.  Now.  What is so bleedin’ exciting about picking the next poor schmuck (or schmuckette) to get put through the corporate music company meat grinder marketing machine?  Yeah, I know.  Susan Boyle.  Fine.  The clock is ticking toward the fifteen minute mark.

The Microsoft-biased media seems to forget that Apple developers are not Windows developers – something we should all prostrate ourselves with gratitude over on a daily basis.  Apple fixes the problem.  Microsoft runs out and whips up another set of band-aids with pictures of Barney the Dinosaur.

The “fun” article on CNN about 8 love lessons learned at the movies…quote: “The upcoming summer movie season has CNN’s entertainment folks talking about the love lessons learned from our favorite romantic films.”  Here’s the big 8:
When Harry Met Sally
Sex And The City
Knocked Up
Sleepless in Seattle
Mr. & Mrs Smith
Grease or Dirty Dancing
Those folks need to rent a few more movies….Mr. & Mrs. Smith?????  Gaaaaaaaaaaaa..


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