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did i really?

pussycatMix057Doing a bit of housecleaning -leafing through a pile of old – we’re talkin’ old here – recipe magazines, pulling out the one or two things that may be worth giving a go.  I did pass on some old-time standards – anything involving olive loaf and cream cheese, and any food in a jello mold.  I did find this ad, tho, and it sparked a memory for me – i used to drink this stuff. When I was 18-21 the drinking age in jersey was 18.  And this nasty thing was my drink of choice.  Gad.  I’m surprised it didn’t kill my taste for bourbon completely.  Bourbon and Tang is what this concoction essentially came down to – and if mixed in the blender produced a frothy white head.  Ugh.  Thank god I grew up.  Well, at least when it comes to alcohol anyway.



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what i lack in personality i make up for in bourbon

I have nothing to say.  Specifically.  It’s been crazy busy work wise for the past two weeks (including weekends) and today marked the culmination of some of my efforts so I can breathe a little tonight.

I know I keep writing about this “book” I’ve written….just hang in there – big news coming very very very very soon.  I can say this – I have learned to appreciate the amount of effort that goes into a book besides actually writing it.  Posting an eBook version is one thing, actually designing the cover and interior is a whole different kettle of wax. (or ball of fish – whichever you prefer).  I have a new respect for book designers.

sunny-day-1And now for something completely different – – things that are unnecessary.  Do we REALLY need to name every single weather event from now on?  It’s a snow storm.  It’s not a hurricane or a typhoon.  Why, all of a sudden do we have to name them?  I think it is totally unfair to name only what people consider “dangerous” weather systems.  Why can’t we name sunny days.  “Sunshine Judy is heading our way on Friday followed by 24 hours of Balmy Dave.  Next week will be a beautiful Milton so head for the beach and take plenty of sunscreen.”   Seriously, what the hell?


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