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Be Prepared

If Donald Trump is elected President, and he could easily pull it off because the Clinton campaign is in total disarray and Johnson’s campaign just doesn’t have the steam, there will be a revolution in the streets of the United States that will make the February and October Russian Revolutions of 1917/1918 look like popping into a chalk pavement picture in Mary Poppins.

Don’t think so?  Look at what Anonymous has been able to pull off in recent years.  One would hope the american people would take to the streets prior to the damage being done, but that’s not going to happen in any significant numbers.

The people voting for Trump believe that America should be the international schoolyard bully.  That America has the right to go into any country, pillage their resources to maintain a slothful way of life and murder a few thousand people along the way – including our own sons and daughters.

I am certain there are a significant number of people voting for Trump ONLY because of Hillary (and Bill) Clinton’s shenanigans going all the way back to Whitewater.  I’m not pushing Hillary, god knows, but that will be a large block of people.

The people voting for Trump believe America can be made great again – what that really means is that they believe America can have the clock turned back to early 20th century white male dominance in all matters, and that women and minorities should be “put back into their place” as chattel.

The people voting for Trump have no qualms whatsoever about using nuclear arms.  Anywhere.  Against anyone.  Including the US or any allies (if we have any left after November).

Neither candidate carries anything close to the moral compass needed to be the head of state.

It is true that the moral consciousness of the world must recognize the importance of removing injustices and well-founded grievances; but at the same time it must be aroused to the cardinal necessity of honoring sanctity of treaties, of respecting the rights and liberties of others, and of putting an end to acts of international aggression. – FDR

FDR’s words speak to the need of ending terrorism, but they also speak to ANY nation who plays the aggressor. Our glass houses will not withstand much scrutiny.

Wisdom, compassion, and courage are the three universally recognized moral qualities of men. – Confucius 

Haven’t seen much of any of those qualities in our candidates.

The battle has yet to begin.  The race to November is the preamble.



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This Really Sums It Up For Me…Thanx Amy (nyuk, nyuk, nyuk)


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What The Hell Is Going On????

I think George Carlin put it best when he said on the Glenn Beck show the other night – and I’m paraphrasing here – we are, what the medical professionals call CTD – the acronym they use on the charts of terminally ill patients – we are circling the drain. And the circles are getting smaller and smaller.
The ‘we’ in this case is ‘us’ – and you can take that both senses: you and I, united states.
I’ve had conversations with more people lately that are in disbelief as to what is going on in this once great nation. I guess old George is right when he states that we’ve been given a ticket to the biggest freak show in town. Why not just sit back and enjoy it.
Let’s start with the easy targets: have you taken a good look at all the folks jockeying to be the next head of US PR? I got some news for you folks – it will make absolutely no damn difference whatsoever who gets elected in November ’08 (Jesus, we have another years worth of this blabbering horse dung???). The US government is corrupt to the core and answers only to big business, thanx in large part to the paranoid, megalomaniacal delusions of Vice-Demon Dick(head) Cheney. Now look at this barrel of monkeys: Clinton, Giuliani, Obama, Edwards, Thompson, McCain, Romney. If any of these folks win..and more than likely it will be one of them…the general store in Washington will continue to be a leisure division of Haliburton, Exxon and Lockheed. Have you listened to any of these debates? These knuckleheads have absolutely no core beliefs (well, maybe Obama does, but it’s wavering) and they will say anything if it will get them elected. The only person who gives me the impression that he’s talking from a solid moral beliefs (whether you agree with them or not) is Ron Paul and IF he ever got elected he would get little of what he wants done because DuPont would still be pulling the strings of the Congress. Sorry to say…..Uncle Sam is gonna dish out the same old bag of beans no matter who becomes chief sock puppet.
OK. Second easy target: The media. How can anybody, in good conscience watch television anymore? Now before you get your hypocrite rubber stamps inked up, yes I watch TV here and there. But there is nothing but opinion and editorial….sorry, I’m being nice…there are nothing but liars and whores. Have you notices how the presidential race, which started at least one year to early, is coming down to who can raise the most money as far the TV news is concerned? Screw the electoral process. Let’s just have a Jerry Lewis style telethon for 36 hours and get people to call in pledges for their favorite candidate. The tote board at the end will decide the winner. It might as well be Stephen Colbert. Let’s get Pat Paulson to be his running mate – certainly a little thing like being dead won’t stand in his way.
And who the hell does Bill O’Rielly think he’s kidding? The narcissistic pompous sanctimonious windbag is so full of himself that he can’t say two words without complete shit spewing from his mouth. Yeah, that’s amazingly intelligent and adult – calling people he doesn’t like ‘pinhead’. Very 3rd grade of you Bill. They ought to convert his set to a sandbox.
One last easy target: Al Gore? Nobel Prize? Who will get in next year…Krusty The Clown?


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