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i know i know

It’s happened from time to time in the past.  when he’s right, he’s right – and i’m not talk about political persuasion…

Glenn Beck – Get Out of Iraq



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the other side

You can’t peruse YouTube  without tripping over one of the countless videos of surprise reunions of returning men and women from recent tours of duty.  Of course they are moving, especially the ones where kids welcome mommy or daddy home.

But what about the people who will never get a reunion?  And what do their kids feel like?  We never see and videos about that do we?  What about the families ripped apart because a son or daughter is not coming home. We just send young men and women to die on foreign soil so companies like Halliburton can make billions “democratizing” these nations.  So we never get to see the man or woman, father, mother, husband, wife left alone because their son,daughter or spouse is not coming home.  Do we just say “I’m sorry” and hope it all goes away? Where is their joy going to come from?

It’s the morning
Soon, he’ll rise
Finds the glasses for his eyes
Aren’t what they used to be
Picks up the clothes
He’s worn so long
On the bureau sits
The picture of a lady
And the mural of a man
Whose been gone for many years

Listening to the children play
Reminds him of the days
Many years ago
Thoughts of a child
That he helped grow
And memory of a letter
Saying, dear Sir
We regret to inform you
Your son will not be coming home

Old man, tell me are there fears
Do you measure life in years
Or is one day all you’ll ever know

The old man walks in Echo Park
From bench to bench he moves
From morning til dark
For the ducks
Some bread he brings
Wonder if he’ll feed them
This time next spring

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tedX – empathy


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I’m Lost

I try not to be too terribly political here but I really need someone to explain things to me. I mean I think of myself as a reasonably intelligent man. I’m not Albert Einstein but I can read most books without moving my lips so I think I’m doing just fine.

But this just baffles me…..

From what I can see George W. has cost the U.S. over 3,500 lives, has us involved in a war of dubious reason (at best), wants to grant amnesty to thousand and thousands of people here illegally and now plays supreme dictator ignoring the rule of law for a crony.

And they tried to impeach Clinton for a blow job??????

What I want to know is what deep insidious secret does Scooter-pie have over W and Dick(head) Cheney to make Uncle George grant clemency? Must really be something in order for Bush to welcome this sort of flak. Even DCNN was ambivalently neutral in it’s analysis yesterday (DCNN – as those familiar with my ranting know – is the Dick Cheney News Network – it goes by the letters FOX at your local cable company). I just wonder how these doofs look themselves in the mirror every morning.

And another thing…Laura Bush impresses me as a reasonably intelligent woman….if I were her I’d have the divorce papers in the safety deposit box just waiting for January 2009….

Can’t say the same thing for Cheney…but his grand kids should be getting to age where Grandpa will take them into the woods on a little hunting trip…..Just remember Dick…the apples don’t fall far….better wear a Kevlar face mask….any fetish shop could supply you with one…


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