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rip Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury is responsible for my reading habits. I was always somewhat of a reader as a kid.  My first character obsession in grade school was Danny Dunn and his inventive adventures.  Surely,  the most exciting event of the school year was ordering books from the Scholastic Book service.  Recess paled in comparison to the joy of the book order arriving in the classroom and seeing two or three new books piled on my desk.

One day in the junior high school library – the place to go socialize and listen to smuggled in rock records during study hall  – I saw this book cover on a revolving rack of paperbacks, and in that instant, my life completely changed.  I devoured Ray Bradbury’s magical words and was transported to Mars on glistening rockets; travelled to other places and dimensions where strange, wonderful, and sometimes unnerving things happened.  From that pointon I read everything Mr. Bradbury had written, collecting his short story collections like a beached guppy re-entering the lake.  The Martian Chronicles, I Sing The Body Electric, Something Wicked This Way Comes, S if for Space, R is for Rocket

My desire to read everything…everything…came into full bloom.  The Bradbury spark kindled (pun intended) the joy of the written word that stays with me to this day.  I had the good fortune of seeing Mr. Bradbury speak at a writer’s conference about ten years ago and he was everything I expected.  He spoke about the ups and downs of being an author with humor and intelligence, and ended his speech with a magically seamless transition into a story as only he could tell one, using words to transform the listener to another place and time.  This was his gift.  The fact that he shared it with everyone is a treasure not to be lost in time.



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